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    Punk is a counter cultural lifestyle, philosophy, and style of rock music, which came about in the mid 70s. It's ideology and lifestyle is defined by rebellion against establishment norms and authority. It can be sonically characterized by a loud, aggressive style, combined with a simple musical structure; often only using 3 to 4 chords in any given song.


    The origins of punk rock music is debated, due to bands that blur the lines in between punk and proto-punk, like Iggy Pop and the Stooges and the Stooges, and the MC5. However, the first widely recognized punk rock band is the Ramones. There hit debut single "Blitzkrieg Bop", has all the trappings of punk, from it's simple, four bar chord riff, to it's subject matter of rebellious, disaffected youth banding together to find release. They were soon followed by British Punk bands like The Sex Pistols and the Clash, who kept the general musical style and focus on disaffected youth while focusing more on politics and explicit defiance of the establishment.

    Punk enjoyed mainstream attention throughout the 70s, until eventually fracturing around the start of the 1980s. It eventually developed into various schism, with the more mainstream New Wave Punk developing into Glam and Synth Rock, eventually moving away form punk entirely, while the faster, more aggressive style of Hardcore Punk began moving into the underground, splintering off further into different philosophies and styles. In the 1990s and early 2000s, there was the rise of various popular forms of punk rockish form's of music such as Pop Punk and Emo, very often with a notably more radio friendly style and absences of punk philosophy or anti-establishment ideals.

    Ideology and Lifestyle

    The punk rock ethos is defined by rejection of establishment authority, rejection of mainstream society in favor of individualism, and a "do it yourself" or "DIY" approach to recording and distributing music.




    • Hippieism - I like how you stick it to the man and do you're own thing, but why are you such a wus?


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