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    Pucci Accelarationism or simply Puccism is a very extreme form of accelarationism based on the character Enrico Pucci from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. His Globalism and Accelarationism go off-compass He is disspleased with the status quo, but his solution is to speed up time so much, it reaches singularity point, which will then achieve something it calls 'heaven', which is were everyone is aware and submits to their own fate.


    A bit closer to Heaven

    Accelerationism - Made in Heaven!
    DIOism - Your Plan is something I strive for.
    ♩♪♫♪♬♬♮♬♬♭♪♪ - Handel's Messiah is a true masterpiece!
    Christian Theocracy and Catholic Theocracy - I am a man of god, after all.
    Globalism - EVERYONE must be be free from the burden of Fate.


    Voidism Voidism - our means may be the same, but our goals aren't.
    Soulism - we're pretty similar in goals, but you don't accept Gravity.
    Satirism and 🤓 Memeism - I am constantly made into memes.


    Joestars - The Enemy
    Decelerationism - The greatest foil
    Childhoodism - You Insignificate brat!!!
    4xism - You hate DIO and the catholic church? Why do you hate someone who wants to help everyone. Do you really think the world can be a better place if everyone is lazy and unknowing of the future? What a hollow individual.

      • You reset time back to the big bang because your emotions have less depth to them than even a quark.

    Further Information

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