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    PrymalDyno Thought is a left-wing socialist ideology, and has hints of Texas Nationalism and Dinosaur species nationalism.


    Despite its compass location, it is against any forms of Dem.png Democracy, seeing it as bourgeoisie exploitation of the middle and lower class, and as such, is an authoritarian ideology.



    KAntiquitism.png Cretaceous Antiquitism Dinosaur!
    JAntiquitism.png Jurassic Antiquitism Dinosaur!
    TAntiquitism.png Triassic Antiquitism Dinosaur!
    Texas.png Texas Separatism Drop the conservative elements and we're cool. Houston was pretty based though.
    GRights.png Gun Rights Advocacy UNDER NO PRETEXT!
    Soc.png Socialism The original.
    Marx-L.pngMarxism-Leninism Your memory lives on forever.
    Natcom.png National Communism Worker and nation!


    CPUSA(PCBA).png American Communism I appreciate the support of socialism, but maybe focus on another area.
    Blm.png Black Lives Matter Minorities definitely deserve support, but you're not socialist enough. Nazbol.png National Bolshevism Nationalism is cool, and so is socialism, but you're WAY too radical.


    Gorb.png Gorbachevism Revisionist scum!
    Socdem.png Social Democracy You too!
    PCB-Dsa.png Democratic Socialism You too!
    PCB-Nazi.png National Socialism Fuck off nazis!
    PCB-Fash.png Fascism The horrible rot plaguing the workers.
    Dem.png Democracy Democracy is for the weak.
    Cball-CSA.pngAmerican Confederatism Damn you Davis!
    Nationalist Front of Mexico.pngMexican Fascism REMEMBER THE ALAMO!



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