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    Not to be confused with Bismarkism, the ideology of 1800's Prussia.

    The Prussian System is an ideology that seeks to combine both Cameralist and Feudalist elements while also under a large and unrestricted government. It is moderately left-right opposite unity, civically totalitarian, socially and culturally conservative, religious and imperialist. It is also highly focused on procuring a society of morally superior "Deserving Rich" maintaining control to remove moral "Obstructions".

    During the early Nazi movement this was one of the minor factions until it merged with the main Hitlerite Faction after the Beer Hall Putsch.


    To ensure the best economic system, we will need to accquire two things: economic control and economic structure. Cameralism provides economic control but not economic structure and Feudalism provides the exact opposite. So we need to find an in between.

    Social Authoritarianism

    A good way to maintain economic control is through a large totalitarian state with complete involvement from the government in economics. This will allow economic control to be maintained by the state, however there must be no taxes instead the profits of the populace are directly taken then redistributed to fund things such as space colonialism and the military. There should also be a more focus on welfare instead of charity organizations, and a large state investment into these welfare programs.

    Feudal Caste

    Now, economic structure. Businesses and corporations are be separated between the owners and the workers so that everyone is in a distinct cast, The workers (The deserving poor) also get paid less, while the owners (The deserving rich) do not. We also cam have businesses working with worker co-operatives or trade unions to create a system of social mobility and an artificial Middle Class. This way, one class can dominate the lesser without detriment to the stability of the nation.

    Fiat Currency

    A proper modern Cameralist state should take full advantage of fiat currency to support the rightful rich. Focus on Crypto has been explored by more modern followers.


    In this new age of technology and competition, there is a big demand for competition against the new order of powerful states, with this new wave of expansion and conflict, businesses will be peer-pressured into getting maximum industrial output to gain more profits and state merit. So in the end, it's a win-win for everyone as the businesses get to make profits of off the competitive position of the world and the state is better protected.


    If you give a job to someone who is not loyal to you or more powerful than you, its not really a good outcome for your interests. This is why they implement social merit or Meritocracy. The way jobs are distributed amongst workers should be determined by the loyalty and skill of the individual itself rather then their wealth or connections (As possessing those would make you a member of the owner class). You have to pass some qualifications and you have to be loyal in order to get a job because a loyal and skilled worker is a good worker, this also bonuses as a way to separate the Useless with the deserving Poor and deserving Rich.


    The government is an essential tool to the deserving rich, so it should be as large and unlimited as possible.


    What is a ruler without the personal accomplishments to boot? What is a ruler who is too weak or cowardly to exert their might? A deserving poor, ideologies that let deserving poor into power like autocracy and democracy are dangerous and foolish ideologies that should never ever be tried. Instead, those with the most social merit should be in charge, they should have the final say on all. But then again, the deserving rich populace can make some pretty bad decisions on their own and will end up like an autocracy or a kakistocracy. No, the best ruler is one that ruled together. Thus Oligarchy of the top 10 people with the most social credit, while the #1 Highest is Chancellor.

    German Empire Style Government

    Having a federal state is opposed by the Prussian System because power is disorganized throughout the nation, a unitary system is best because power is managed by the main administration of the top 10 deserving rich. There would also be a parliamentary system like the old German Empire. In which the Oligarchy summons the Reichstag (the next 250 highest citizens with the highest social credit, with their members election one of their own to be President for 3 Years) and Bundesrat (which were elected by the deserving rich of each region) who then legislate for the government.

    Unitary Conformism

    National Minorities are a threat to the state, and conformity into one unified culture is a must for any true Objectivist State. To achieve conformity is to forego the obstructions taught by your inferior culture and accept the ideals of the deserving rich.


    The Philosophical views of Albert Forster are not essential but are common to followers of this ideology.

    Moral Collectivism

    Collectivism in the philosophy sense rather than the economic sense, is a core part of why people would ever consider supporting this ideology. The main goal behind the Prussian System is to create a unified community free from what they call "Obstructions" and to go against Individualism as it leads to Obstructions being formed. The sacrifice of individuality in their eyes is needed so that the Deserving Rich can take control and stay in control so that the greater group is not threatened and true Objective Morality is achieved.

    The "Alt-Enlightenment"

    In his book "Diejenigen, Die es Verdienen," Albert Forster describes the rise of Proto-Fascism as the "Alt-Enlightenment" saying that the modern path has strayed too far towards obstructions and that returning to Proto-Fascism and expanding upon it is the key to Objectivism. He lays out 4 Principles of his to return to the "Alt-Enlightenment"

    • Wahrheit: There is an objective moral truth, and to reach it we must remove all obstructions. Though we are only human those who can know the difference between Obstructions and Truth are "Deserving Rich"
    • Bestellung: Order must be directly maintained, it cannot maintain itself despite what anarchists believe. Order and Control on all fronts by the deserving rich is essential to stopping obstructions from corrupting our society.
    • Behörde: Yes, freedom is good, but only those who have worked for their freedom may gain it. Freedom does not belong to the unenlightened Deserving Poor.
    • Führung: Alone, most humans are stupid. Only under the guidance of a few "Deserving Rich" can the rest of the majority be enlightened. Humans as social creatures are designed to follow their Shepard, and a Objectivist society should try its best to procure such leaders.

    Many successors to the Prussian System such as the File:Forschaf.png Forschritt System that remove the idea of Behörde and usually make modifications to the Führung principle.


    Sexual Suppression


    Verbal Suppression

    Freedom of Speech is only allowed for those who are Deserving Rich in the Prussian System as they are more intelligent then the Deserving Poor. The Deserving Poor are supposedly very likely to spread obstructive beliefs and this is not tolerated under the Prussian System.

    "Gender Equality"

    When it came to gender Albert Forster believed that women had the capability of being a Deserving Rich and thought that no matter your gender it was your class that matters most when it comes to whether or not you deserve freedom. He however expressed little interest in opposing Sexism and traditional Gender Roles.


    Religion is viewed by many Prussian System followers as a crux for a basis of Objective Morality.


    Religion is a state matter, as is everything else under The Prussian System. Albert Forster made it abundantly clear that his vision of a "State Religion" was Protestantism as he saw it as the most Non-Obstructive religion. However some of his modern contemporaries debate over what moral basis they base their view on who the "Deserving Rich" are.

    International Politics


    The Nation needs to work together in order to achieve goals. Albert Forster thought that to enlighten obstructive nations and reach its influence to other continents, national co-operation is needed. However, modern day globalism while giving a sense of national unity regardless of race is also the chances of The Prussian System's grand conquest in the process. Modern globalism is essentially just promoting Obstructions, it weakens objective nations and allows the Deserving Poor to expand their influence over the world. This is why Nationalism is the most common choice for followers of The Prussian System.
    Following up on what was said in the last paragraph, national sovereignty is a big thing and is encouraged in The Prussian System. Ethnicties and cultures should unite together to form super nations und one banner.

    File:Pan-Nat.png Pan-Nationalism

    National Unity is a big thing to the Prussian Systemites and should be vitalized and kept. Ethnicities and cultures should unite together to form super nations und one banner, to most classical Prussian System followers this applies to the Germanic people as they are the most enlightened. The Prussian system usually promotes Superior "Ethnic Unions" to snuff out inferior states and integrate their cultures, but others want multiple states under the same system.


    Good Friends





    • : Why must you go out of your way to promote obstructions?



    Source for any of this? I can't find anything.

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