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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Prussian Communism is an Authoritarian, Economically Far-Left, Culturally Far-Right, Racial Ultranationalist, Communist, Fascist and Monarchist ideology which wants to create a communist Prussian state.

    It wants to start a revolution to tear down the contemporary German society and rebuild Prussia. The German land would be divided up into a bunch of small provinces, kind of like The Holy Roman Empire.

    Worker's councils are to be put up and they will then elect a Kaiser to lead the country. The Kaiser will have power to decide over national matters while the worker's councils decide over their selective province. This creates a semi-democratic system where both the workers and the kaiser rules.

    The ideology is a radical traditionalist ideology and wants to completely decimate all modern culture and values. It also views certain races as fundamentally counter-revolutionary or bourgeois and therefore advocates for the same racial policies as National Socialism. The German people are viewed as the only true communists and are because of this superior.

    It subscribes to the conspiracy theory that Karl Marx wasn't a Jew, but rather an aryan whose ideas were meant to help the aryan people. What happened then was that he was falsely flagged as a jew to spread misinformation and to hurt the aryan race.






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