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    Proud Boys Ideology was based on a American Right Wing called The Proud Boys since 2016 during the Obama Years and it was created by a Canadian named Gavin McInnes then it was lead by a Afro Cuban American named Enrique Tarrio even this group had once adopted White Nationalism.

    The Proud Boys is a Pro-Man group because they think of Feminism & Trans Rights where ruining manhood also they knew there is no gender wage gap even it was true because of PragerU not only that but also they promote violence to make men more stronger even against Antifa.

    The Proud Boys got it's name from a song called Proud Of Your Boy from Aladdin even the movie of it was based in Islam while The Proud Boys where Islamophobic also Ultra American and also The Proud Boys took part in The U.S Capitol Riot at January 6th 2021 along with Qanon, Oath Keepers & Three Percenters.




    • Neo-Fascism - You might be a racist and a Nazi but at least I will use you forever.
    • Authoritarianism- No thanks because I am too busy protesting for freedom.
    • QAnonism - You are too silly but at least you like Trump.
    • American Republicanism - Hang Mike Piss.
    • Boogaloo - Why are you siding with Antifa.
    • Blue Lives Matter - I like you because you are violent until you turned woke.
    • Alt-Right- Where is the sweaty guy in the Unite The Right Rally at 2017 but also please be less Racist.
    • Islamophobia - Why is one of my songs is based on a Islamic story Aladdin well at least I like this movie.
    • Homophobia - Maybe being a Homosexual can be manly.
    • National Socialism- Sorry for calling you a Social Justice Warrior.


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