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    Proud Boys Ideology is based on an American Right-Wing group called The Proud Boys. It was created in 2016 during the Obama presidency by a Canadian named Gavin McInnes. Its leadership then went to an Afro-Cuban-American named Enrique Tarrio.

    The Proud Boys is a Pro-Man group which believes that Feminism & Trans Rights have ruined masculinity. It also regards the gender wage gap as nonexistant.

    It sees itself as a Western Chauvinist and believes that America needs to be defended against threats such as Marxism and Progressivism. The group's nationalism is based on American values rather than race and it welcomes people of all races to fight against un-American values. It has been, erroneously, labled as Neo-Fascist by its opponents due to the nationalism that it espouses.




    • QAnonism - You are too silly but at least you like Trump.
    • American Republicanism - Better than the D*mocrats, but still too soft.
    • Boogaloo - Why are you siding with Antifa.
    • Alt-Right - Please be less racist and instead join me to save America from degeneracy.
    • Islamophobia - I hate Islam, not muslims.
    • Homophobia - Maybe being a Homosexual can be manly.
    • Christian Theocracy - Christianity is integral to the West, but we must not forget that secularism is important.


    • Neo-Fascism - I. AM. NOT. A. FASCIST!
    • Authoritarianism- Literally the left! We must, as TRUE American patriots, protect freedom and our way of life.
    • White Nationalism - No, not that kind of nationalism.
    • Democratism - Eww.
    • Bidenism - Children, don't take Ice Cream from this man.
    • Obamaism - You don't need to be racist to hate a black president.
    • Harrisism - You support the wrong violence.
    • SJW - Jerk.
    • Antifa - Evil communist. I am you but as a right-winger.
    • Black Lives Matter - Don't listen to them, they are just Marxists pretending to support social justice.
    • Progressivism - You're an evil force which is destroying American values.

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