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    Proto-Tomjazzism was the ideology of user Tomjazzy before he became a Socialist. It is is a civically and economically Libral and Culturally Centre-Left wing ideology.

    Philosophical Beliefs

    Proto-Tomjazzism's belief system is largely the same as Tomajzzism's, with the added ideals of Philosophical Pessimism (derived from Arthur Schopenhauer) and a firm Antinatalist stance. Tomjazzism views human existence as an abomination, and he thinks the best way to stop human suffering and vice is to cease to reproduce. He still thinks human beings have rights, and views it as his ethical duty to seek justice, even if he doesn't always feel like it. He also has yet to call himself a Natural Law Theorist, largely because he doesn't really understand teleology and is uncomfortable with many of it's advocators anti LBGT views.

    Political Beliefs

    Proto-Tomjazzism based his political ideals on the ideology founded in John Locke's Second Treaties of Govement, with the exception being that he doesn't believe that the use condition of property rights changes for none perishable goods, like gold. In practice, this works out as a representative liberal democracy, largely progressive in policy (except for gun rights and abortion), and focused on building up a rational and free thinking populace while also trying to limit the power of corporation's and the ultra wealthy without resorting to socialism. He thinks socialism will either result in a state monopoly in at least some fields, or else result in the complete breakdown of society as people fail to self organize and authoritarian power structures take there place. He thinks nothing better then capitalism can exist, even though he hates it.



    • Social Liberalism - I'm a version of you.
    • Social Libertarianism - You're almost exactly like the last guy, except less gun snatchy. I'd identify as you instead, but I'm pretty sure your not a thing.
    • Social Democracy - This whole "Single Payer Healthercare" thing sound a bit monopolistic, you're still pretty based.
    • Paleoliberalism - I agree with Bob Cassy Jr. on most issues.
    • Progressivism and Moderate Progressivism - I'm also a version of you.
    • Democratism - You have you're flaws, but you're the best method for change we've got.
    • Liberal Feminism - Freedom of choice+feminism= based.
    • Beauism - He has some great analysis.
    • ContraPointsism - Her videos made me a lot more progressive.
    • Anti-Interventionism - We should leave other countries alone unless they attack us or our allies!
    • Radicalism - Thanks for helping push the cause of freedom forward! You were the best political ideology to come out of...
    • Enlightenment - Most important philosophical movement.
    • Depressionism - Happy People are all stupid! Hope is for cowards!
    • Voluntary Human Extinction and Antinatalism- Save the children by not having more of them!
    • Anti Authoritarianism - Fuck authoritarianism!
    • Anti-Trumpism - You really opened my eyes to how fucked we all are, so I can at least thank you for that.
    • Anti-Abortionism - Abortion is killing an innocent person.
    • Platonism - I believe in a modernized form of this, even if The Republic is fascist.
    • Stoicism - Stoicism has helped me through some of the hardiest time's in my life.
    • Schopenhauerism - A great philosopher who truly understood the human condition.
    • Capital-Nihilism - There are two kinds of idiots in the world, those who don't hate capitalism, and those who think they can come up with something better then capitalism.


    • Misanthropy - People suck but you still have to be nice to them.
    • Social Georgism - LVT sound like a great idea when mixed with UBI, but I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be the only tax.
    • Distributism - Totally right about socialism and capitalism, but he runs into basically the same problem socialism does with way to much state control. Also, "family values" are cringe as hell.
    • Classical Liberalism - The basis for my ideology, but please support welfare and regulation.
    • Capitalism - I hate you, but everything else is worse.
    • Deist Theocracy - I think you might be missing the point here...


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