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    The Proto-Aquarian Model is an apolitical, pro-authority, culturally center-right ideology, roughly representative of the beliefs of AquaHeart as a child, before she had any semblance of actual knowledge or involvement in politics. In the days where Proto-Aquarian Model was the overarching political model of Aquaria, Aquaria (then called Goudan) was still a province of the Unspoken Kingdom (fictional nation, representative of AquaHeart's parents); thus, her views on everything were mostly influenced by Unspokeism.

    What few views she has on human society are almost universally considered outdated by other Aquarians, although some of her moral values have carried through to influence later Aquarian ideologies, visible to this day.

    Above all, the Proto-Aquarian Model values peace and harmony. Not even Aquarian Isolationism compares to her aversion to conflict of any kind. She will seek to avert or resolve anything she sees as chaos, including even some internal disputes in the Unspoke government that don't concern her. In the Goudan days, this steadfast pacifist sentiment would earn her numerous allies beyond the Unspoken Kingdom's borders; however, it would also lead to other nations frequently launching all manners of raids on Goudan territory, with no retaliation. These experiences with foreign raids would later influence militarist and isolationist sentiments, prevalent in the First Aquarian Model.

    Other than her pacifism, the Proto-Aquarian Model also exhibits several other notable traits. She is quite idealistic, dreaming of a world where everyone can simply be happy, without any concrete plan to making that happen. She is rather conservative, in the sense that she is very obedient to the Unspoke government, respecting its authority, thus also inheriting the center-right cultural views of Unspokeism, including support for family values, traditional gender roles, and cishet-normativity. In real life, she is loyal to her native China, feeling comfortable with its status quo of the 2000s under Hu Jintao. She feels compelled to help those less fortunate than her, which is a value generally shared among future Aquarians, but it's difficult to call her a socialist or even a welfarist, as she does not understand these concepts. She takes pride in making the Unspoke government happy, and in excelling in academia.

    The Proto-Aquarian Model was replaced by the First Aquarian Model in 2013, in what began as sparse local demonstrations, but later grew into a province-wide pro-independence revolution in Goudan, over a very wide range of factors. The biggest of those factors was that she was seen as a puppet of the Unspoke crown, which the First Aquarian Model saw as a corrupt, totalitarian body.




    • Maoism - Grandma tells me stories about how hard it was when you ruled China. You did make our country, though.


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