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    Proto-Aaronism was the "ideology" of LordA666 before he entered politics. He was really obsessed with science and "The Big Bang Theory" and hated "politics"


    Proto-Aaronism didn't had a idea of economics but he wanted a supply and demand economy while still being able to plan most of the things with the help of experts that rule the government. He kinda wants a weird symbiosis between Swiss and Chinese economics.

    Proto-Aaronism supports welfare in general but he thinks that only people who actually try to get a new job or just had bad luck should get welfare and not lazy basement dwellers like you.

    Proto-Aaronism also detests big corporations having too much power outside their business and sees it as job of the government to regulate big businesses.


    Proto-Aaronism is disappointed at society. While thinking scoety got a bit more rational over the time he still sees most at close minded idiots and that's why he wan't experts and scientists to rule the state because he trusts them and sees them as the most rational people on the planet.

    Under the government all political parties would be desolved and banned because he sees political parties as a close minded community that just want to push their agenda through.

    Proto-Aaronism also values security and wants to surveillance big or important public spaces. He also wants to ban conspiracy theories like flat earth, superstitions like Astronomy and religious practises and buildings from the public while still allowing it in private. He also wants to ban guns from the public because he things owning guns is dangerous and stupid and will lead to high crime rates (even though 1/4 of the Swiss populations owns a gun and the crime rate isn't high at all, but he didn't knew that at the time). He also wants to ban any harmful drug, even alcohol and cigarettes.

    Proto-Aaronism supports free speech to some degree. He thinks that you should be able to say anything even if it triggerts some libtards, so saying slurs is acceptable but he supports censorship od speech when people spread missinformation like conspiracy theories. Proto-Aaronism support full privacy and anonymity through the internet though.

    Proto-Aaronism favours punititive justice over rehab and even supports the death pentalty for murderes, and rapists.


    Proto-Aaronism is very pro of new technology and encourages everyone to inovate (he wasn't a tranhumanist because he didn't knew what it was otherwise he would probably been one)

    Proto-Aaronism sees himself as neutral and sees both sides as bad. He's very anti-SJW and sees them as the biggest modern threat to a rational society. He's also anti-feminist and thinks that they want to make women more "equal" than men (He thinks that all feminists are buzzfeed feminists) but he still supports pro-choice. On LGBTQ issues he supports LGB because he doesn't have any reasons to be against them but he is very transphobice and sees them as unscientific, mentally ill attention whores and every letter behind LGBT he just doesn't take serious.


    Proto-Aaronism has two acceptable national notions.

    The first one would be to just keep Switzerland isolationist and neutral and to stay out of any beef in the global landscape. He also wants to turn Switzerland Unitary because he believes that state rights are dumb and that everywhere should be the same laws.

    The second one would be to make a global government so every human can benefit from this great scientocracy. The gloabl government would be also with the center being in Switzerland, Bern.

    Other policies


    Proto-Aaronism sees climate change as a big threat and wants to ban fossil fule energy and replace them with renewable and nuclear. He also want to use a carbon tax to minimise it's production.


    Proto-Aaronism sees himself as a centrist and supports many centrist philosophies like cooperation, reform and ratioanlity and absolutely detests both sides.


    Proto-Aaronism wants to abolish all emotions because he thinks they stand in way of rationalism.


    Sheldon Cooper is Proto-Aaronists biggest idol and he wants to be exactly like Sheldon.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Proto-Aaronism is obsessed with science and "The big bang theory". He's sometimes horny aswell but not so bad as nowadays. Also his narcissism starts to show up slowly but surely.




    • Helvetic Model - I love my country even though our politics are very different


    • Transgenderism - Literally a mental illness, you will never be a real women.
    • Progressives - What do you want to legalise next? STOP!
    • Aaronism - WTF happened to me?! Did I got a brain tumor or something?!

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