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    Proto-2x2Masterism was the ideology of 2x2Master just before he found out about PCB, which lasted from around 2019 up until mid 2022. He strongly supported the Liberal Party of Australia and could be described as some kind of neoconservative.

    Despite it being a proto-ideology, it is still quite recent. 2x2Master's interest in politics piqued during this era around the American Trump era, the 2020 American elections, and the 2022 Australian elections (with the third leading him towards PCB).


    Western Interventionism

    Proto-2x2Masterism was atlanticist and supported the idea of Australia, alongside other western-aligned nations cooperating & intervening in all sorts of foreign conflicts, to put an end to foreign authoritarianism and to establish democracy worldwide. He supported a large military and heavy anti-communist policies.


    He supported an economic policy based off a more capitalistic version of the Nordic Model, mixed with some form of crypto-capitalism. While he was undoubtedly pro-entrepreneurial, he was still fond of antitrust laws and was skeptical of the social influence held by large corporations.

    Anti-Authoritarian Aspects

    Proto-2x2Masterism desired for the government to have less of a role in society and for government surveillance to completely end. Despite being a neoconservative, he still supported the release of Julian Assange and other whistleblowers.

    Social Views

    Proto-2x2Masterism held strong opposition to what he describes as "woke culture". He admired many social policies of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, such as their views on immigration and culture. Despite this, he was still fairly moderate in this regard, and was not completely opposed to homosexuality.




    • 2x2Masterism - Jeez, what happened to me?
    • PCMism - I liked your memes, but you somehow became shittier and shittier by the day.
    • Environmentalism - I don't hate you or anything, but I can't bring myself to care all that much. Wait, nevermind, just found out that this is more than preserving random insect species. Get rid of those goddamn coal subsidies.
    • Hedonism - Some merits, but overall meh. You don't do that much good for society.
    • Bidenism - I originally supported you against him, but are you really qualified?
    • Systemism - I may or may not of knew you from somewhere.



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