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    Proper Thoughts - Is an Economically Far-Left, Culturally Far-Right, Totalitarian

    and Globalist ideology that wants global government that respects tradi




    He's an Communist, he believes that the state should hold the meaning of production and he's strongly against Bourgeois.


    He believes that strong state is the best, wants one-party state. He believes that the strong state will save our traditions.


    He's strongly traditionalist, he want's all religions to unite in a one nation that will destroy degenerate nationalism. He's strongly Anti-LGBT, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drugs saying it's immoral.


    He's Globalist, he wants a global government that will secure our world against degeneracy. He's Anti-Nationalist, saying Nationalism breeds more degenerate cultures and needs to be destroyed to save our world. He's also Multiculturalist, saying that all cultures should exist and stop the uncultured freaks.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Fill it with dark red.
    3. Draw a white circle in a middle.
    4. Draw a dark red globe in the middle of the circle.
    5. Draw a black hammer and sickle in the middle of the circle.




    • Strasserism - Traditionalist Socialism is based, but quit racism!
    • Cosmopolitanism and World Federalism - You could be based, if you weren't degenerate.
    • Scarletism - As a person you're nice, but I wish you weren't Nationalist. Bringe.
    • Admiralism - Same goes for you, and thx for calling me a gamer :sunglasses:


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