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    Prohibitionism, or Anti-Alcoholism refers to the movement to ban the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol. It was a significant social and political movement in the United States and other countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The goal of the prohibitionist movement was to reduce the negative social and health consequences associated with alcohol use, such as drunkenness, domestic violence, and crime.


    An example of prohibition happened in the US from Jan 17, 1920 – Dec 5, 1933. It is also applied in many Muslim countries due to alcohol being awesome haram.

    Personality and Behavior

    Prohibitionism is very autistic anti-alcohol and is seen with Islamic Theocracy.

    Stylistic notes

    • Is seen fighting alcoholics.(Always starts the fights)
    • Angrily rants about alcohol.
    • Dislikes alcohol.
    • Hangs out with Conservative Feminism .


    Prohibitionist Gang

    • Islamic Theocracy - My bestie! Alcohol being haram is based AF. Wait, some Muslim nations allow kafirs to drink?
    • Eighteenth Amendment - My favorite amendment. Hope that it gets reenacted!
    • Prohibition Party - My favorite Political Party in the USA.
    • Dionaism - Amazing! However, why are you a bartender?
      • - Because I want to sell a drink so bad it will destroy the wine industry.
    • Buddhist Theocracy - Five precepts.
    • Paternalism - Ultra-based.
    • Wilsonianism - Best POTUS.
    • Right-Prohibitionism - Me but capitalist.

    Tolerable Drunkards(Mixed)

    • Brunei - Good job on banning the sale of alcohol, but please ban kafirs from drinking alcohol.
    • Islamic Democracy - Ah, a nice Muslim person… WAIT! You think I’m too extreme?!
    • Pancasila - Indonesian version of the above.


    Further Information



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