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    Progressive Reactionaryism

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    Progressive Reactionaryism is a socially progressive and infrastructurally reactionary ideology, and the opposite unity ideology of Progressivism and Reactionaryism. It is a reactionary ideology, meaning that it wishes to return to and re-establish certain conditions through reversing recent progress; unlike Reactionaryism proper however, Progressive Reactionaryism sees value in aspects of social progress (for example LGBT rights) which it does not wish to reverse. Similarly to Reactionaryism proper, some extreme forms of Progressive Reactionaryism may wish to return to pre-enlightenment values, in this case occasionally combining them with modern & progressive aspects.

    A common misconception is that Progressive Reactionaryism is somehow opposed to cultural traditionalism. This misunderstanding comes more specifically from the confusion over what constitutes the social dimension vs. the cultural dimension, as most online tests in some way or another combine them together. Technically speaking, Progressive Reactionaryism doesn't truly relate to cultural traditions at all; it's actually possible that one can be traditionalist while still being a progressive reactionary, because cultural traditionalism doesn’t equal social conservatism (for example, traditional progressivism advocates for both cultural traditions and social progress at the same time).

    As such, progressive reactionaries are indeed socially progressive; being progressive in a social sense: they support movements such as feminism and men’s liberation, as well as the LGBTQ+ community. However, the progressive reactionary is in fact, at the same time, also infrastructurally reactionary; meaning reactionary in an infrastructural sense: it wants to revive old infrastructure and facilities, for example, reopening closed infrastructural establishments from the past, such as hospitals, castles, bus and streetcar routes, theatres, dance halls, museums, canals, highways, shopping centres, power plants, hotels, bridleways, churches, amusement parks, forts, concert halls, restaurants, schools, apartments, moats, gardens, convention centres, pavilions, viaducts, hydro corridors, farms, railways, trails, clinics, assembly halls, parks, and more. They are not necessarily architecturally reactionary, supporting the re-establishment of infrastructure, as opposed to the architecture itself, or even the practices and customs of these institutions. Some may also advocate for the completion of (sometimes ancient in extreme cases) proposed but cancelled infrastructure projects.



    This form of Progressive Reactionaryism wishes to preserve/restore pre-enlightenment old infrastructure while allowing society (but not necessarily culture) to naturally evolve.

    Full Opposite Unity

    This form of Progressive Reactionaryism can be best describe as combination of an Ancient Regime-esque civilization with 21st century progressive social views.

    Progressive Traditionalist Reactionaryism

    Progressive Traditionalist Reactionaryism (clipped to ProgTradReact) is a socially progressive, culturally traditionalist, and infrastructurally reactionary ideology. It supports social progression, such as LGBT rights and feminism, while also advocating cultural traditionalism, seeking to conserve cultural traditions, rituals, practices, and customs, as well as backing reactionary infrastructural policies, by reestablishing old infrastructure such as closed libraries, piers, stadiums, banquet halls, and, in extreme cases, even whole entire ancient civilizations of dated antiquity. It can also advocate the reversion of currently existing infrastructure to a previous state.

    Ultraprogressive Traditionalist Reactionaryism



    Reactionary Progressivism

    Reactionary Progressivism is institutionally reactionary in a broader sense, rather than an infrastructural sense, wishing to revive old political systems and institutions like monarchism, grammar schools, even antiquated, economically reactionary systems from long ago such as feudalism and mercantilism, or any other archaic, organizational institution. Like Progressive Reactionaryism, it also is socially progressive, supporting feminism and LGBT rights, but it does not necessarily advocate the return of old infrastructure.

    Reactionary Progressive Traditionalism

    Reactionary Progressive Traditionalism, clipped to ReactProgTrad, is (in a broad, non-infrastructural sense) institutionally reactionary, socially progressive, and culturally traditionalist ideology. It supports reactionary institutional policies, by bringing back ancient/old institutions such as the monarchy and feudalism, and/or restoring currently present institutions to a previous state, while also backing social progress, such as feminism and LGBT rights, and also advocating cultural conservatism, seeking to preserve cultural traditions, rituals, practices, and customs.

    Reactionary Ultraprogressive Traditionalism


    How to Draw

    Flag of Progressive Reactionaryism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a half of the flag in Space Cadet.
    3. Paint the other side with lime green.
    4. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Space Cadet 26,25,58 #1A193A
    Dark Grey 73,219,11 #49DB0B




    • Progressivism - I agree with you on social policy, more or less, but why do we have to abolish monarchies?
    • Reactionaryism - I agree with you on respecting traditional institutions, but why do we have ban fun?
    • Leerderism - Probably the only ideology on here who takes influence from me, but what’s with that Socialism stuff? Why do you not support Monarchy?


    • Jacobinism - You want to abolish traditional institutions!
    • Bonapartism - Too much change too quickly!!!!


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