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    Progressive Nazism, also called National Progressivism, and commonly called NazProg or Nazi-Progressivism, is a culturally left ideology created by conservatives where advocates Feminism and Progressivism is literally like nazism. Progressive nazism advocates it is possible to re-write the mein kampf changing "jews" by "men" and "germans" by "woman" and use it as the biggest argument of the century in order to proof that feminism and progressivism is literally like nazism, even advocating it is possible to change "jews" by rightists and "germans" by "leftists" and still proof that what the left wants to do with rightists. Progressive National Socialism also advocate radical progressivism and that conservatives should be free on attack the left and use File:Debaterismf.png Debaterism for win any debate and discussion.





    • Churchillism - You mean a church on a hill.
    • Stalinism - No blacks in The USSR well that is not amazing.
    • Gaullism - You colonial racists that fired blacks from French Forces.
    • Rooseveltianism - You thought Liberalism means Non-Fascism well that is false.
    • Titoism - You anti-black commies.
    • Nixonism - Allied Scum.
    • Klansmanism - You are doomed to live.
    • George Wallism - You fought for The Allied Powers.
    • "National Progressivism" - NEIN! this is NOT what I meant by "National Progressivism"! also YOU ARE NOT EVEN A PROGRESSIVE! THE REAL PROGRESSIVE ARE FASCISTS!

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