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    Progressive Fascism (also called Progressive Third Positionism, Revolutionary Fascism, and Futurist Fascism) is a third positionist ideology which combines stances from Authoritarian Progressivism and Fascism. It refers individuals, organizations, and movements that combine fascism with an anti-traditionalist sentiment and thus socially progressive stances (i.e., being pro-LGBT and feminist), justifying a fascistic regime on philosophically progressive grounds, or authoritarian progressives who adopt fascist aesthetics.

    As a pejorative, "Progressive Fascism" is used as an insult by non-fascist right-wing ideologues to describe advocates of Social Liberalism or Progressivism who exhibit "fascistic" tendencies. Perhaps the best example is the Justin Trudeau administration, which has pushed for hate speech laws, trampled on indigenous sovereignty, gave a platform to a former member of the Waffen SS, and cracked down on dissent (e.g., busting the trucker's convoy strike). In his book "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning," Jonah Goldberg accuses Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt of exhibiting fascistic tendencies.


    The most known instance of "progressive fascism" is   Marinetti's Futurist Party, which would later merge with and try to influence Mussolini's National Fascist Party;   Pekerism and certain members of the   Kuomintang were also progressive fascists. The left-wing actual idealists of the National Fascist Party (PNF) also combined progressive ideals with corporate ultranationalism and imperialism (e.g., Italo Balbo, Mussolini's Minister of Corporations). Most movements or individuals who can be called "progressive fascists" are also   futurists. However, while futurists prioritize the revolutionary aesthetic of   "jumping" into the utopic future, progressive fascists contend how promoting social justice or dismantling oppressive norms aligns with, or is an essential part of, corporate ultranationalism.


    As an ideology, Progressive Fascism places greater emphasis on   fostering a revolutionary, dynamic, and progressive nation rather than   idealizing a mythical past. Adherents view   Authoritarianism or   Totalitarianism as essential for dismantling outdated, oppressive traditions or hierarchies, drawing parallels with ideologies like   Maoism and   Jacobinism. Consequently, proponents of Progressive Fascism often advocate for   Imperialism,   Militarism,   Futurism, and   Corporatism.



    Balboism is a culturally left and economically third positionist variant of   Italian Fascism based on the beliefs and policies of Italo Balbo. A World War I veteran, Italo Balbo was among the first members of the National Fascist Party and a chief architect of the March on Rome. He espoused a form of   Italian ultranationalism in which any person could become an Italian through education and desire (in a similar vein to   Actualism). After the March on Rome, he was responsible for the creation of the Italian Royal Air Force. He became a self-taught innovator and took part in the Century of Progress.

    As   Governor-General of the Libyan colony, Italo Balbo guaranteed residents citizenship and equal rights. This would include religious freedom for everyone, including Jews. At one point, Balbo forced   Herman Goering to observe the many active synagogues he helped construct. He also oversaw vast   modernization efforts, including improvements in transportation, communication, and urban development; as well as the construction of railways, schools, hospitals, roads, airports, and other important infrastructure. This resulted in speedy economic development. However, Italo Balbo attempted to   impose secularization. culminating in awkward policies like whipping Jews who closed businesses on the Sabbath. He also oversaw the taking of new colonial territory from the British and French.

    Italo Balbo was among the minority of actualists and actualist-aligned Fascists who opposed making anti-Semitism official government policy. He also believed that British values are more aligned with Fascism than   National Socialism, and thus called for an alliance with the British and French against the Third Reich. However, he remained loyal to the regime and briefly led the Italian campaign in Northern Africa. In 1940, he died in an airplane bombing after his flight was mistaken for a British warplane.

      Neo-Jacobin Fascism

    Neo-Jacobin Fascism, Fascist Neo-Jacobinism, or   Jacobin Fascism is culturally far-left and economically third positionist system based upon the ideals of the   Jacobin Club and   Robespierre's Reign of Terror, but within a   fascist framework. It believes in a radical restructuring of society inspired by the French Revolution's ideals: Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. It believes a fascistic system is necessary to realize them.   Equality is only realized through the   corpus of the state; each individual is part of the greater body and therefore equal, despite the hierarchical nature of the state.   Liberty is viewed, in true fascist fashion, as a result of collective liberation, with the added abolition of what is perceived as   "oppressive social structures". As such, Neo-Jacobin Fascism often takes on a   individualist interpretation of   Totalitarianism, similar to   Actual Idealism.   Fraternity is where it puts most of its effort as its part of the national mythos.

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    •   Reactionary Modernism - The only reactionary I'd ever be willing to work with. We both seek to restore old glory through new innovation, and some of us both like Futurist and Roman aesthetics, but you're still a little too traditionalist.
    •   Maoism - A totalitarian progressive state which violently destroyed traditions and many traces of China's past? And you're a class collaborationist!? Based! Wait, why are you attacking me?
    •   Revolutionary Progressivism - You're very similar to me, but often less class collaborationist.
    •   Neosocialism - You're so close to perfection! But you need to be more culturally progressive.
    •   Pekerism - An unironic progressive fascist. I have few complaints about you.


    •   Fascism - I want to like you, and I've adopted you, but please stop working with the Vatican and emboldening conservatives abroad. Please merge with   him.
    •   Anarcho-Futurism - I admire your revolutionary spirit, my boy! But without a totalitarian corporate state, you can't exterminate conservatives.
    •   Accelerationism - Stop being descriptive! Embrace the totalitarian corporate state and actually accelerate what you call "techno-capital."
    •   State Liberalism - A lot of people think I'm you, but understand that the classes should work together; the bourgeoise shouldn't wield absolute power, as that breeds decadence.
    •   Corwin Schott Theory - Weird guy who likes me.
    •   Saddamism - Iraq under you was the closest thing anyone could get to my system, if not applied at a larger scale. But that was until you became more conservative in 1993.


    •   Clerical Fascism - A reactionary and a fake "fascist" who doesn't acknowledge that universalist religious morality is diametrically opposed to nationalism.
    •   Authoritarian Coservatism - You're my sworn enemy; you shall be among the first to endure revolutionary terror!
    •   Conservative Liberalism - The worst of conservative, bourgeois decadence exemplified.
    •   Reactionary Anarchism - Oh no... You're literally my opposite.
    •   National Socialism - A genocidal disgrace to fascism who's obsessed with antiquated Romanticism and keeps calling my art "degenerate".

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