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    Pro-Afterlifeism is an off-compass auth-right, hyper-primitivist and culturally conservative ideology. This ideology advocates for the abolishment of life and rule by the mighty. They want the afterlife to have control over all non-afterlife, and to achieve maximum possible freedom for the dead. They want every being that ever existed to compete for rule over the Non-Afterlive, and if alive yet worthy, killed to join them in the afterlife, trained to be strong warriors of the dead, then be integrated into the State-Capitalist, traditionalist, Autocratic State that enslaved all of the weak, created immortality for those who do not deserve the blessings of the afterlife, and redesigned reality itself to maximize it's power. No worthy being allowed to live increases liberty, (read the philosophy section).


    Absence of you can't be experiencing the thought of this concept, proof you exist. Non-suffering is itself an experience, and the concept of experience can exist in both life and the afterlife. Existence can be good or bad, but the afterlife grants pleasure greater than life, therefore it is superior. No matter how much pain one has been through, they will want good. Only those who work for the Afterlife can truly achieve it, and thus the unworthy must be placed back into life. There is only one reason to live, to prove yourself worthy of true paradise. Competition and war are part of the human experience, but not the Afterlife experience as those there have already proved themselves.



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