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    Pragerism is an ideology based on Dennis Prager, and with it, PragerU. It is a form of mesoconservatism that is also Jewish (like Dennis Prager himself) or Christian. It s right-unity, but with more characteristics from the authoritarian side, since it is a staunch supporter of highly increased policing. He is a big inspiration for Systemism, his nephew or something. Pragerism takes attributions from both right quadrants and is over-all vehemently opposed to leftists, but is willing to compromise with liberals (genuine "liberals" are seen as center-right by this ideology).

    Pragerism on the political compass


    Dennis Prager was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America on August 2nd 1948, as he was raised in a modern Orthodox Jewish home by his father named Max Prager along with his wife named Hilda Prager but also Prager has a older brother who is a physician named Kenneth Prager and then he attended the Yeshiva of Flatbush in which he befriended a rabbi named Joseph Telushkin.

    Denis Prager went to Brooklyn College in which he graduated with a major in history along with Middle Eastern studies but over the next few years he took courses at the "Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs" at New York City along with the "University of Leeds" at West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom but then he left academia without finishing a graduate degree and he left Modern Orthodoxy but maintained many traditional Jewish practices in which he remained Religious while then he holds an honorary Doctor of Laws from the "Pepperdine University" at File:LA.png Los Angeles, California.

    In 1969, while Dennis Prager was studying in England, United Kingdom he was recruited by a Jewish group to travel to the Soviet Union to interview Jewish people about their life there but when he returned the next year he was in demand as a speaker on repression of Jews in the Soviet Union while he earned enough from lectures to travel even visited around sixty countries but after that he became the national spokesman for the "Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry" (SSSJ) and at the start of his career overlapped with a growing tendency among American Jews who had been staunchly Liberal to move toward the center while some to the right that driven in part by the influx of Jews from the Soviet Union.

    In 1975, Dennis Prager along with Joseph Telushkin published an introduction to Judaism intended for nonobservant Jews called The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism in which became a bestseller and among the questions addressed in the text were "How does Judaism differ from Christianity, and can one doubt the existence of God and still be a good Jew, and how do you account for unethical but religious Jews?".

    In November 2nd 1976, Dennis Prager supported Jimmy Carter as president in the 1976 US presidential election while from 1976 to 1983, he ran the File:Jewish Technocracy.png "Brandeis-Bardin Institute" of the "American Jewish University" (AJU) at Simi Valley while Joseph Telushkin worked with him there in which he said "It was Prager's first salaried job." and Prager soon earned a reputation as a moral critic attacking Secularism along with Narcissism both of which he said were destroying society even some people called him a Jewish Billy Graham.

    In 1982, KABC (AM) radio station hired Dennis Prager to host its Sunday night religious talk show called the "Religion on the Line" in which got top ratings that eventually led to a weekday talk show but then in June 1st 1983, Prager & Joseph Telushkin published a book called "Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism." while according to a review in commentary the book depicts Anti-Semitism as a sinister form of flattery as the authors wrote that hatred of Jews arises from resentment over Jews while the acceptance of the doctrine that they are God's chosen people charged with bringing a moral message to the world also the book describes Jews as both a nation that are stateless for a long time while being the followers of a religion in which it says that this identity is essential to Judaism as the book says that calls for Jews to culturally assimilate as well as opposition to Zionism are both forms of Anti-Semitism even the book describes secular Jews as people who have lost their way who generally fall into the error of applying Judaism's mission to reform the world in ways that tend to be Leftist, Totalitarian & Destructive and then after the book has been published, Prager wrote a syndicated column for newspapers across the country.

    In 1985, Dennis Prager launched his own quarterly journal called "Ultimate Issues" in which was renamed to the "Prager Perspective" eleven years later while in 1986, he divorced his wife before he underwent a year of therapy in which the Encyclopedia of Judaism says contributed to his book called "Happiness is a Serious Problem" thirteen years later and in 1990, he wrote an essay called "Judaism, Homosexuality and Civilization" that argued against normalizing Homosexuality in the Jewish community while it placed sexual sins on a continuum from premarital sex, celibacy, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality & incest as he argued that confining sex to heterosexual marriage desexualized religion in which was a great achievement of ancient Jewish tradition that was worth fighting to retain.

    In 1992, Dennis Prager was remarried while by that time he was, according to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal "a fixture on local radio and a Jewish St. George battling the forces of secularity on behalf of simple goodness" while generally Socially Conservative with some exceptions he supported a woman's legal access to abortion although he said it was usually immoral even he supported justified sex between non-married consenting men & women and he became involved with the "Stephen S. Wise Temple" to gave talks there but then got a weekday night talk show on (KABC).

    In 1993, Dennis Prager stared in a short comedy film directed by David Zucker called For Goodness Sake in which explains address everyday ethical issues of life and then in 1996, Prager along with File:Elder.png Larry Elder stared in another short comedy film produced by Rich Markey called For Goodness Sake II in which it pointed out that skill will brings in diversity naturally even the future co-creators of South Park such as Trey Parker & Matt Stone were involved in this short film.

    In 1994, Dennis Prager did an hour each weekday via satellite on an commercial radio station called WABC (AM) aka KABC's sister station in New York before doing his KABC show locally but then the "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) published a report on Anti-Semitism in the Christian right movement while he was aligned with the social political Conservatism of the Christian right in which attacked the (ADL) including its report and during the 1994-1995 television season on "Multimedia Entertainment" that syndicated a television show featuring Prager while he said he was "ambivalent about television as a medium for deep, intelligent programming but that the show was an incredible opportunity to reach a mass audience with my belief system" but then he moved the studio audience on-stage with him where they could interact with him more directly.

    In 1995, Dennis Prager he urged Conservative Jews to be open to working with Conservative Christians like the "Christian Coalition" lead by Pat Robertson but then he named Jacob Petuchowski, Eliezer Berkovits, Harold Kushner, C.S. Lewis, Richard John Neuhaus, Michael Novak & George Gilder as the people who had influenced his theology the most and then he criticized the "Illinois Supreme Court" decision in the Baby Richard case that removed a child from his adoptive parents while in the KABC he held a "Rally for Baby Richard" where he got support from actors Priscilla Presley, Tom Selleck & John McCook.

    In 1996, Dennis Prager testified in Congress in favor of a bill called the Defense of Marriage Act as he testified that the acceptance of homosexuality as the equal of heterosexual marital love signifies the decline of Western civilization and then he worked with Bob Dole's campaign in the 1996 US presidential election but when the polls prior to the election showed that the Dole campaign did not have much Jewish support Prager said "This was because American Jews are ignorant regarding the Anti-Israel aspects of the current Democrat Party".

    In 1999, Dennis Prager has hosted a nationally syndicated talk show on the socially politically Conservative Christian radio station KRLA in Los Angeles that is part of the "Salem Media Group" that carries other Conservative hosts including James Dobson, Randall Terry, Janet Parshall, Sebastian Gorka & Larry Elder and it is a key voice of the Christian right that seeks to change American politics as well as the way that individual people live but then in 2002, Prager was in a documentary film directed by Allen Estrin called Israel in a Time of Terror.

    In 2006, Dennis Prager criticized Keith Ellison who is the first Muslim elected to Congress for announcing that he would use the Quran for the reenactment of his swearing in ceremony while Prager wrote "Insofar as a member of Congress taking an oath to serve America and uphold its values is concerned, America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress." and after that in response former New York City Mayor Ed Koch called for Prager to end his service on the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Council".

    In 2009, Dennis Prager joined other Salem Radio Network hosts to oppose the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare but in June 11th 2009, he along with radio producer screenwriter Allen Estrin started a website called Prager University aka PragerU which creates five-minute videos on various topics from a Conservative perspective in order to advocate for Conservative views undermining the college education by the left even the two originally who created this website considered making it a brick-&-mortar university but the idea was revised into a digital product to save money and it becomes a YouTube channel.

    In May 4th 2011, Dennis Prager starred in a documentary film directed by Paul Croshaw called Baseball, Dennis & the French and it tells that a story of a longtime Liberal activist who after years of listening to nationally renowned radio personality Prager becomes a churchgoing Conservative Christian.

    In 2013, since a lawsuit over the use of a photograph PragerU has used animation in its videos even in January 25th 2012 it created the first animation called "Understanding Men and Women; Why They See Things Differently" but then in 2014, while same-sex marriage in the United States of America was in the process of being nationally legalized Dennis Prager wrote "If that were to happen, then there is no plausible argument for denying polygamous relationships, or brothers and sisters, or parents and adult children, the right to marry." and he also said that the heterosexual AIDS crisis was something entirely manufactured by the Left.

    In 2015, PragerU developed two partnership programs to promote its views including religious material in public & private schools while the PragerU's Educator Program with 3,000 sign-ups supplies teachers with lesson plans along with study guides that accompany videos and secondary school teachers & college professors can register their classes through PragerU's Academic Partnership program in which lets students sign up while allows teachers to monitor their students' progress.

    In April 21st 2016, according to Joseph McCarthy of The Weather Channel (TWC) pointed out that fossil fuel proponent Alex Epstein promotes misinformation about climate change including false & misleading claims in a PragerU video called "Fossil Fuels: The Greenest Energy" but then in October 2016, PragerU claimed that YouTube had put 21 of it's videos in the restricted mode setting in which ensures content is age appropriate while YouTube responded saying "We aim to apply the same standards to everyone and we don’t censor anyone. Often it’s not the right approach to say that videos with the same topic should get the same rating. We’ll need to take into consideration what the intent of the video is, what the focus of the video is, what the surrounding metadata of the video explains." and during the same year Dennis Prager endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election while he said "Trump was his 17th choice out of 17 candidates" but he clarified that he was not a Trump supporter as there is no choice now to support Trump even he previously said that Trump was unfit to be a presidential candidate let alone president later Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic magazine criticized Prager for endorsing Trump.

    In 2017, Dennis Prager was invited to be a guest conductor for the volunteer orchestra of Santa Monica, California as part of a fundraising concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall but some of the orchestra members protested the invitation in which they considered promoting bigotry as the orchestra leader Guido Lamell had invited Prager because he admired him as Prager often discussed or promoted classical music on his shows while had guest-conducted a few times in the past and because he thought Prager's presence might help raise more money even he called Prager "a great man, leader and friend".

    In October 2017, PragerU filed a federal lawsuit against YouTube's parent company called File:Google, Google Images.png Google claiming that 37 of its videos were unfairly demonetized or flagged so that they could only be viewed with "restricted mode filtering" in which limits views based on viewer characteristics such as age and PragerU claimed that Google's demonetization or flagging violated the First Amendment by arguing that YouTube was a public forum.

    PragerU have videos have argued against a $15 minimum wage, against increased gun control & in support of Capitalism although topical PragerU videos largely avoided mentioning Donald Trump during his presidency while it was Pro-Israel as Dennis Prager has said that "Nothing better identifies incipient evil than Anti-Semitism for example in February 6th 2017, Dave Rubin stars in a video called "Why I Left the Left" stated that " Racism, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Homophobia & Islamophobia are meaningless buzzwords." while in October 26th 2017, Michael Knowles stars in a video called "What Is the Alt-Right?" stated that "the Alt-Right have nothing in common with American Conservatism as it closer to Leftism expect the Left is much larger" and in December 4th 2017, Dinesh D'Souza stars in a video called "Is Fascism Right Or Left?" in which he stated that Fascism was a left-wing ideology while he maintained that Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile who influenced Italian fascism was a Leftist but Paleoconservative scholar File:PaleoCube.png Paul Gottfried criticized the video as he noted that this contradicted the research by almost all scholars of Gentile's work who view him as an intellectual of the Revolutionary Right.

    PragerU has over a dozen videos that promote fossil fuels while dispute the scientific consensus on climate change but according to the non-profit think tank "InfluenceMap" targeted ads posted on Facebook included misleading material that cast doubt on science, framed climatic concerns as ideological or hysteria and promoted a conspiracy theory that big government control is the real motivation behind energy policies to reduce gas emissions.

    Dennis Prager's columns are handled by Creators Syndicate while it has been published in The Wall Street Journal & the Los Angeles Times along with Commentary but his weekly syndicated column appears on such online websites as Townhall, National Review Online, Jewish World Review & elsewhere and he also writes a bi-weekly column for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.

    In 2018, Dennis Prager published a commentary on the Book of Exodus while a year later this was followed by another commentary on the Book of Genesis in which both are published by the "Salem Media Group" even PragerU has reached a billion views in this year and in March 2018, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh dismissed a case ruling that because Google was a private company of YouTube while PragerU had failed to show that Google had infringed its free speech rights but then in February 2020, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld this ruling.

    During the same year a Buzzfeed News article published something that attributed PragerU's success to the quality of its production values compared to similar outlets with its use of popular presenters with established audiences and the article also noted that it had received comparatively little attention from news media analysts due to PragerU's lack of coverage of topical issues such as Donald Trump.

    PragerU depends on donations to produce its content while much of the early funding came from hydraulic fracturing billionaires Dan & Farris Wilks who are known as the Wilks Brothers as two members of the Wilks family on PragerU's board while the next-largest donor is the "Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation" along with other donors including the "Morgan Family Foundation", "Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund", "Donors Trust", the late Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson, Lee Roy Mitchell and the "Minnesota-based Sid and Carol Verdoorn Foundation" led by former "C.H. Robinson" CEO Sid Verdoorn as PragerU reportedly had a $10 million annual budget of which it spent more than 40% on marketing.

    In May 14th 2018, Douglas Murray stars in a video called "The Suicide of Europe" in which he augured that Europe is "committing suicide" by allowing mass immigration but the "Southern Poverty Law Center" (SPLC) described the video as a dog whistle to the extreme right while Mark Pitcavage of the "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) described it as "filled with Anti-immigration and Anti-Muslim rhetoric" and almost a year ago Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain stars in a video called "Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?" in which the (SPLC) says contains such dog whistles argues that the Southern strategy a political strategy which saw the Republican Party exploit racial tensions to appeal to White Southerners that was false revisionism while history Professor Kevin M. Kruse said that the video presented a "distortion of history, cherry-picked its evidence and was an exercise in attacking a straw man".

    In August 2018, Facebook removed two PragerU videos from its platform but it later restored the videos saying that they were mistakenly removed while according to Francesca Tripodi who is professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stated there are plausible non-ideological explanations for Facebook's removal of several of the videos along with PragerU contended that Facebook had engaged in deliberate censorship and according to Tripodi stated that PragerU videos advance the conspiracy theory popular among the Alt-Right that Whiteness along with Conservatism are under attack while many videos on PragerU focus on delegitimizing the mainstream media accusing it of being based on emotion or opinion rather than fact.

    In August 20th 2018, Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute criticized a video by Michelle Malkin called "A Nation of Immigrants" that argued for stricter restrictions on immigration and Nowrasteh wrote that the video was full of errors with half-truths along with omitted relevant information.

    In 2019, File:Gravelism.png Mike Gravel who is a former United States Senator from Alaska launched "The Gravel Institute" a progressive left-leaning think tank to counteract PragerU and File:Progusa2.png American Progressive magazine called "Mother Jones" said "PragerU videos assert that there is no gender pay gap and that there is not discrimination in policing of African-Americans" while in June 13th 2019, Dennis Prager created another YouTube channel called The Dennis Prager Show.

    In July 2019, PragerU representative Allen Estrin attended then-United States President Donald Trump's Social Media Summit along with other Conservative organizations & people such as Charlie Kirk & James O'Keefe and PragerU has about 40% of its budget came from almost 130,000 online donors while it ranked among the 10 biggest political spenders on the platform even the Los Angeles Times noted that PragerU attracted more donors than some Democratic presidential primary contenders had at the time.

    In August 2019, an article written by Drew Anderson from the "Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation" (GLAAD) noted PragerU's ties to White Supremacy or White supremacists while noted PragerU's "Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Record" but then an American Libertarian monthly magazine called Reason criticized PragerU's claims of being censored by big tech companies for being false as the company's content had not been removed from any social media platforms while they indicate a misunderstanding of the First Amendment from the U.S Constitution as protecting a party from any type of censorship, when that law merely protects content from censorship by the government but also several news networks such as Climate Feedback (CF), Reuters & the Weather Channel (TWC) have found that PragerU's videos promote inaccurate misleading claims about climate change even a year later PragerU's coverage of COVID-19 has been criticized for spreading false misleading information about the pandemic but then in October 25th 2019, Dennis Prager along with Adam Carolla stars in a documentary film called No Safe Spaces (2019).

    According to a 2019 report in the Los Angeles Times it stated that PragerU videos have been watched more than 2 billion times while were becoming a staple on college campuses and in its 2020 annual report stated that PragerU videos have received over 4 billion lifetime views while has ranked highly in influence compared to other free-market advocacy organizations such as Reason & the National Review.

    A monthly magazine called Vanity Fair said that PragerU packages Right-Wing social concepts into slick videos while it was one of the most effective conversion tools for young Conservatives but then Sociologist Francesca Tripodi has studied PragerU's marketing along with its messaging for the nonprofit Data & Society in which she found that PragerU relies on search engine optimization or suggested content to market its videos while she noted that PragerU was popular among the respondents in her study in which that they all either liked or shared PragerU videos on Facebook but also Tripodi argued that PragerU allows viewers to dabble in content that makes connections to the Alt-Right's talking points and in this way viewers identifying as mainline conservatives gain easy access to White Supremacist logic even she also demonstrated an algorithmic connection on YouTube between PragerU, Fox News & Alt-Right personalities.

    In January 2020, PragerU had about 50 employees at is headquarters at San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California while Marissa Streit is the CEO that has presented some of its videos but then PragerU encourages students to join an international student organisation called "PragerFORCE" to promote PragerU's videos with it's chosen ideology as about 6,500 college & high school students promoted its videos as of this year and PragerU is not an academic institution while it does not hold classes, does not grant certifications or diplomas & is not accredited by any recognized body.

    In February 2020, Dennis Prager he told a caller "Of course you should never call anybody the n-word that's despicable but complained about the word itself being considered unacceptable." but in April 2020, Prager called the COVID-19 lockdowns "The greatest mistake in the history of humanity." while he was subsequently criticized in the media for misrepresenting the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and then in April 6th 2021, Prager touted Sweden's response to COVID-19 while asserted "Sweden is the proof that lockdowns are useless". then a fact check found Prager's claim false as Sweden had higher rates of COVID infection & mortality than other Scandinavian countries.

    In May 2020, PragerU releases one video per week on various topics from a Conservative viewpoint that according to its site advances Judeo-Christian values while its YouTube channel included 968 videos in which each video costs between $25,000 & $30,000 to create even the magazine called "Mother Jones" "Dennis Prager personally approves every item and edits every script before publication." as PragerU guests cover a range from the File:AthCon.png Secular Right, the Far-Right, & the Theocratic Right and some prominent video presenters have included Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, Nigel Farage, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Bret Stephens & George Will.

    In June 2020, a fact checking website called Snopes criticized the video staring Brandon Tatum called "How To End White Privilege" in which the video argued that white privilege is a myth because a black police officer's race did not provide a barrier to his success also according to Snopes the video is inaccurate as recent history while statistics indicate that white privilege still exists and in October 2020, Gita Jackson of Vice magazine noted that "There's already a cottage industry of YouTubers trying to debunk PragerU".

    In the fall of 2020, PragerU started fundraising for a program targeted towards kindergarten or school-aged children called "PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents" (PREP) and in April 2021, releases its first content but then PragerU's school-age targeted content was later branded as "PragerU Kids".

    During that same year in 2020, PragerU reported to have received about $28 million in revenues most of it from donations while reported approximately $28 million in expenditures with 39% going into marketing and PragerU consistently spends more on Facebook advertising than major political campaigns & national advocacy groups.

    In 2021, Pam Nilan wrote a book called "Young People and the Far Right" says that PragerU pretends to sidestep White Supremacy but their the message is always that White culture is better than other cultures.

    PragerU received $704,057 in COVID-19 relief loans from the "Paycheck Protection Program" (PPP) while this debt was later forgiven in full but In October 18th 2021, Dennis Prager announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 the previous week while he had received ivermectin along with Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment and he said "had been taking hydroxychloroquine with zinc prophylactically from the beginning and that natural immunity from deliberately contracting COVID-19 was what he had hoped for the entire time".

    In November 2021, Dennis Prager was in interview at an American Far-Right new media called Newsmax he argued that "irrational fears about people not vaccinated against COVID-19 had wrongly made them the pariahs of America as I have not seen in my lifetime more than gay men and intravenous drug users during the AIDS crisis that had not been ostracized" while a British online newspaper called The Independent called his comments alarming revisionism and In the interview Prager also called concerns about climate change idiotic & irrational.

    In January 27th 2023, the Daily Wire released a television series called PragerU Master’s Program with Dennis Prager and it stated that if society gets too Secular in which lead to moral chaos along with the downfall of Western Civilization in a woke way even the television series has the most influential conservative thinkers is going beyond the five-minute mark.

    Dennis Prager speaks English, French, Russian & Hebrew while his brother Kenneth Prager is a physician professor at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and his nephew Joshua Prager is a former writer for The Wall Street Journal.


    He is very patriotic and outgoing. He likes to be around his fellow conservatives, like Trumpism, Systemism, and Alt-Lite. He has the personality of the presenters of PragerU. He focuses a lot on gender issues if he focuses on cultural and moral issues. Considers Chavismo his worst enemy, but is mostly ignored by him.

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    • Systemism - Somebody who took after me. Based.
    • Classical Liberalism - Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The three elements of American liberty!
    • Capitalism - No Venezuela! Economic freedom!
    • Conservative Liberalism - It is honorable to be a liberal, but it is not honorable to be a leftist (as in socialist).
    • Shapiroism - A presenter!
    • Rubinism-Another presenter!
    • Motherism - I want Mummy, I want milk, I want to be held, I want to be comforted
    • Faragism - He sometimes goes on my videos!
    • Christian Right - Stop the godless left!
    • Petroleumism - Global warming is a myth! Oil makes the environment cleaner! And you give us big donations!
    • Hamiltonianism- You invented America!
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - You've gone a bit out there, but overall, I see my footprint within your ideology. You're based.
    • Waspism - You're quite a good self-insert. It is honorable to be a liberal, but it is not honorable to be a leftist.
    • Bisexuality - Bisexual is the normal
    • Blue Lives Matter - BACK THE BLUE!
    • Zionism - Israel has the most peaceful military.
    • Imperialism - The British Empire wasn't bad, it was just spreading liberty around the world!


    • Rebelism - I know you hate me on environmental matters, but that's OK because you're tough on crime and pro-tradition.
    • Youtubeism - A great platform to reach the youth on! But at the same time, you needlessly censor conservatives in the same manner as Facebook and Google.
    • Orwellism - "The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of ... history." -George Orwell. You showed us all that the reality is when socialism is established! W-wait, what do mean you consider yourself a socialist?


    • Chavismo - VENEZUELA!
    • SajZeal Model - Technocracy is far-left, and besides, a social democracy is as bad as Stalinism.
    • National Socialism - Hitler was no Nationalist
    • Abortionism - They are CHILDREN, not CHOICE!
    • Anti-Theism - You're trying to destroy the religious nature of America, you leftist!
    • Nordic Model - You say Scandinavia but you mean GDR.
    • Environmentalism - Solar power and public transport are literally Hurting our Oil Baron investors profitsitler
    • Bidenism -Fraudulent Democrat!
    • Alt-Right - Leftist tarnishing the name of the right!
    • Blanquism - You are what is behind the far-left universities & media!
    • Ethnowelfarism - Racist Socialist.
    • Overbism - Fake small governmental socialist communist who calls me a reactionary neo-Nazi! What a regressive!
    • Right-Wing SJW - Deceived leftist trying to ruin the name of the right with his racism. What a commie!
    • Social Democracy - Aren't you just the reds again?
    • Gravelism - Who are you?
    • File:Pragprag.png Pragerist-Pragerism - How are you related to me?
    • Sandersism - You actually support Venezuelan socialism because you don't go to Denmark.
    • Totalitarianism - Socialism is when this.
    • Ego-Communism - Socialism makes people selfish. and that's a bad thing.
    • SJW- Literally totalitarianism.
    • Liquid-Pissism and Circulus Theory - To the left, the primary purpose of art, sculpture, and music is to shock. That's why so much contemporary art is meaningless, and involves the scatological, meaning urine and feces. YES, URINE AND FECES!


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