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    Potlatchism is an ideology that is based around Potlatches, which is a gift giving feast practiced by Native Americans and other Indigenous People in the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada/America. In Potlatches the rich or important families would hold the potlatches which was a ceremony of giving away a large amount of your possessions (meaning personal property) to the other people since they thought that would balance out the system (the rich would visit future potlatches). Potlatches are mainly based around "the reaffirmation of family, clan, and international connections, and the human connection with the supernatural world" so you can connect it to Conservatism. However it could also be used to represent international relationships so it is debatable. This means Potlatchism is culturally right and economically variable even though it has economic aspects. They are famous for building Totems as celebration for their surplus of food from Salmon clogging rivers.

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    • Conservatism - You're a respectable father with your honoring of traditions.
    • Communist Potlatchism - I do not understand the reasoning behind using Communism, but I am still acceptable of any economic position so I suppose you are acceptable since besides that you still honor our traditions.


    • Nationalism - While I do agree on honoring our state and people, we must also show respect for the outsiders too.
    • Globalism - You appreciate the world but occasionally it seems that you disregard the people for the majority of outsiders instead.


    • Progressivism - You dislike our culture in which we use all of our strength attempt to preserve since without our culture we aren't our people!

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