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    Posthumanist Dystopianism

    Posthumanist Dystopianism, also known as Negative Posthumanism or Simulated Hell, is an sub-ideology of Dystopianism that takes dystopianism to its logical conclusion by using virtual simulation to maximize the suffering present in order to make the worst society possible.

    Its aims to achieve this by using non-conscious robots to harvest resources in order to build and maintain simulation where conscious beings are created. Those programmed conscious beings have as many desires as possible that they cannot achieve (i.e. avoiding pain). The more desires and fears the beings have for simulation to work against them, the better. Simulations also allow slowing down time, make it for beings impossible to rebel against the system (if they're even aware of it), and even prevent them to end their suffering prematurely.

    What varies in this ideology is the amount of conscious beings. On the one end of the spectrum, the political system is created to create just a single, most miserable simulated conscious being as possible. On the other end, it divides the suffering between countless beings that have minimum requirements to meet consciousness.

    Another spectrum is the scope of this system. Whether the ideology is a localized simulation or a|system designed to convert the entire Universe into doing its bidding, is another thing to consider.

    File:Posthumanist Dystopianism.png
    Flag of Posthumanist Dystopianism






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