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    Post-Totalitarianism is an ideology that advocates for extreme totalitarianism without any connections to the left or right or for any large moral/ethical purposes in favour of having a totalitarian government simply because it is the only future humanity has. It also distances itself from ideologies such as PCB-Ingsoc-icon.png Ingsoc that exists purely to harm the human race (furthermore Ingsoc as an ideology exists purely to debunk itself. It’s a critique of totalitarianism AND it associates itself with the left and furthermore socialism hence not being aligned with Post-Totalitarianism). It should also be stated now before any confusion seeps in. Post-Totalitarianism (while this comparison may seem obvious to most) is not in any way similar to Post-Leftism. It is more similar to that of Post-Anarchism due to it being a self-contained ideology rather than an ideological category.

    Government Structure

    A Post-Totalitarian government would not necessarily be hierarchical. There would simply be an in-group, a central regulating figure (most probably an A.I. (Note this A.I. Wouldn’t be self aware. It’d just issue commands according to a regulatory program), A constitution of sorts or some kind of Necrocracy) and the out-group. The in-group would be the “leaders” of this state. While they may have a higher level of awareness over the populace it should be mentioned over time the in-group WILL die and the role of the in-group becomes more of a special job for some of the most intelligent members of the populace to fulfill as they too will be brainwashed into assuming it’s what is best for humanity.

    The regulating body however is simple. It is the set of laws and essentially a how-to that the “leaders” must follow to make sure things turn out right. While it might start off with a mere constitution or some dead guys will it should eventually become a malleable and adaptable A.I. As is the rule of inevitable efficiency. In fact granted the modern age it may even start off as an A.I. But the in-group will always exist first.

    And finally we have the out-group. This is simply the citizenry. The subjects of the ever-evolving regime. Their lives dictated from birth and controlled based on their output and obedience. Like puppets to a very elaborate play…

    Control Administration and Regulation

    Things like a social credit system would prove useful to the goals of the Post-Totalitarian committee, union, council... Or whatever it shall be called. Although perhaps with some varying differences. First of all this "Social Credit System" would serve in similar vain but would probably switch to "The Administrative Credit System" or "Overseer Credit System" in which the administrator or overseer would be the A.I. regulating body. Acting like a sort of new-god for the populace. Guiding and shaping what is moral by attributing what rations, freedoms and ultimately how well-off a citizens life is by constant surveillance and picking up on their actions. Anything that is against the state will reduce their credit as according to the "overseer" and will impact them greatly. Obviously those with too low of a credit (or if they're proven to be troublesome) will be...removed. The overseer will alert various "Administrators"/"Sentinels" to take the person and ensure that they never existed. The overseer A.I. while sounding complicated it is merely a matter of automatic surveillance (there would be a job for people working with the overseer surveilling others of course too) and removal.

    (I just want to point out that Overseer A.I. = Regulating body A.I.)

    Now that we've discussed the basics lets look into some examples and just flesh out the Overseer Credit System. First lets look at the living conditions. All citizenry will be supplied with housing, food, water, electricity and all various necessities (like I mentioned earlier this system isn't hellbent on making life hell for the citizens) however the quality of such things increases/decreases based on the citizen in questions credit. If a citizen is an incredible contributor to the state and has a high credit score they may live in relative luxury. Being supplied with a nice apartment (all citizens would most probably live in apartment complexes), much tastier and better rations and overall their lives may be much greater. Better education for their children (if they're allowed any) and even access to better recreational activities. Whereas those that have lower credit will find themselves in cramped concrete rooms with little to eat (in terms of quantity, taste and nutrition) and will live pretty dull painful lives.

    The reason this system exists is to make sure those that are most loyal to the state want nothing more than to stay there and those that aren't are subjected to systematic torture or complete removal.

    (I will add more on this section later...maybe. Or I'll just move on to the economy part)


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