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    Post-Revolution or it is full name, Post-Revolutionary Anarcho-Communism is essentially the ideology of what a failed Anarcho-Communist and revolutionarily instated society would look like. The main reason it would theoretically fail is that the lack of job specialization would cause economic failure and general unrest, under the assumption that

    A.job specialization would be abolished in the drive for total equality, and

    B. a society can't survive without job specialization.

    Furthermore, Post Revolution believes such unrest couldn't be dealt with in an anarchist society. It is mostly Chaosist but with Anarcho-Communist characteristics.


    Civic Axis

    Post-Revolution is an anarchist ideology governed by the people and the commune. However, unlike regular Anarcho-Communism, most people within the commune do not follow the generally agreed upon rules and everything is chaos. Nobody is willing to help one another, so it is every man, woman, and nonbinary Mexican trans lesbian with no legs and shit for zimselves. He also like making Airisu seethe and cope.

    Economic Axis

    Post-Revolution is an Anarcho-Communist ideology where there is nominally no currency and mutual aid is the basis of the economy. However, nobody actually follows the mutual aid "laws" so poverty is common. As well as that, people make their own currencies randomly with economic and social factions forming within the commune.

    Cultural Axis

    The rules of the commune of a Post-Revolution society would be progressive supporting things such as LGBTQIA and the environment however since nobody follows the rule, most of the populace is generally racist and homophobic.

    Further Information


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