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    Post-Politicism, aka IngApol, is a Off-Compass and Apolitical Centrist non-ideology that wants to eliminate politics forever through totalitarianism, by making political opinion a crimethink and by creating a newspeak that doesn't allow for the expression of political thought.


    IngApol hates politics so much that they want to create an Orwellian Totalitarian State, in which talking about politics is prohibited and impossible in the new-language. Eventually, through Transhumanism, the human mind will be "reprogrammed" so opinions can't be even thought of, the last stage will be a Post-Humanist stage where everyone is a mindless machine incapable of having any political thoughts. Their only purpose being to grill and nothing else. Politics is abolished.


    Post-Politicism first appeared in a r/newwackyideologies post by u/lexsiek2005 in the 19th of September of 2020.

    Personality and Behavior

    IngApol treats "politics" as a slur, and tries to say it as least as possible. He keeps away from all political ideologies, (including centrists) which consider him too extreme. He spends his time with Orwellianists, talking like them.




    • Apoliticism - P*litics are temporary, grill is eternal. Wait, what do you mean you're scared?
    • Radical Apoliticism - You're too extreme (that means "too moderate" for off-compass centrists).
    • Anti-Ideology - You claim to be against p*litics yet you still have a mind to think, curious.


    • All p*litical ideologies

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