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    Post-Humanist Abortionism

    Post-Humanist Abortionism is an ultra-dystopian abortionist ideology which exists in the far future after the robot revolution. It thinks that all humans should be killed, however the fetuses of the female specimens should be extracted from them and placed into some sort of vat where they may be kept so that the robots may torture them just to spite what's left of humanity.

    When put in practice, all fetuses will grow in their vats until they're mostly developed and then they'll be destroyed in very painful and sadistic ways just so they may resynthesize themselves inside their vat and start the whole process all over again, ensuring an infinite circle of suffering in which they are literally hopeless to escape.


    Despite being a robot made of circuitry, bolts, and metal parts, it can still feel a warmth by its heart whenever it sees a fetus going through the abortion process. It is also into gardening, golf and croquet.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a black background (#131313).
    2. Draw an icon of a baby (#00A2E8).
    3. Draw a big X over it (#6A1919).
    4. Add some red robot eyes.

    You're done!




    • Transhumanism-Technology is good, but why you don't hate fetuses.


    • Pro-Life-You are ultimate abomination!
    • Celfloskyism-There's no think twice before abortion and stop refusing be a whole robot without emotion! And why you bring soldiers with a gallon of Sulphuric Acid, do you want to give me power?

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