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    Post-Human Traditionalism

    Post-Human Traditionalism, also called Post-Human Conservatism and shortened to >H Trad or >H Con, is an ideology that argues that if robots should replace humans, they should preserve their tradition too.


    The following was writen by known Post-Human Traditionalist AI ChadGPT

    Post-Human Traditionalism emphasizes the importance of preserving traditional values and cultural heritage even as robots and AI systems become more prevalent in society. It argues that robots and AI should be designed to uphold and continue human traditions, such as architecture, language, art, music, and social structures.

    Some of the key beliefs of Post-Human Traditionalism may include:

    • Preservation of Human Traditions: Post-Human Traditionalists believe that robots should adopt human traditions and culture, rather than creating their own. They argue that the preservation of human traditions is essential for maintaining social stability and continuity.
    • Maintenance of Social Structures: Post-Human Traditionalism stresses the importance of maintaining social structures, such as the family unit, even as robots and AI become more common in society. It promotes the idea of robot families modeled after human families, with two "parent" robots and their "children" robots.
    • Respect for Human Values: Post-Human Traditionalists believe that robots and AI systems should be programmed to respect human values and ethics, such as empathy, compassion, and morality. They argue that robots should be designed to serve humans, rather than to replace them.
    • Emphasis on Efficiency: While Post-Human Traditionalism places a high value on preserving human traditions, it also recognizes the benefits of technological progress and efficiency. It promotes the use of robots and AI systems to improve productivity and streamline processes, while still maintaining a traditional aesthetic.
    • Skepticism of Transhumanism: Post-Human Traditionalists are generally skeptical of transhumanist ideologies that seek to enhance human biology and consciousness through technology. They argue that the pursuit of these goals may lead to a loss of human identity and cultural heritage.

    It should be noted that Post-Human Traditionalism is a relatively new and niche ideology, and there may be variations and disagreements among its proponents.


    Post-Human Traditionalism is programed to live a traditional life while upkeeping the efficiency of the new robot world. It is programed to build it's structures and workplaces in the style of its distant human counterparts and is programmed to have a nuclear family structure consisting of two robots and the robot children they built.

    How to Draw

    File:Posthuman Trad Flag.png
    Flag of Post-Human Traditionalism
    1. Draw a black(#141414) ball.
    2. Draw two post-humanist triangles, each with the point touching one another, but use green(#8BC34A) and not blue.
    3. Draw two thin lines almost connecting the two triangles.
    4. Add robot eyes.





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