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    Post-Galacticism (also known as Iron Lung Model) is an ideology which believes in galactic Human habitation within isolated space-stations, as opposed to larger celestial bodies like planet Earth.


    Colonization Era

    Through technological progress, Humanity was able to achieve great heights in space exploration and celestial colonialism. In 1992 the first non-Earth colony was established on the planet of Mars, marking the beginning of the Colonization Era.

    A new referable calendar count was initiated, titled the Epoch of interplanetary colonization or simply eic.

    The Quiet Rapture

    By year 357 eic (2349 A.C in the Gregorian calendar) an event known as the "Quiet Rapture" occurred...

    How to Draw

    Flag of Post-Galacticism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color it brown
    3. In the middle, add a thick hollow black ring
    4. Around the ring, add a thinner hollow ring
    5. Add several stars within the secured area
    6. Draw general shapes of a space station and nearby spacecraft
    7. Add two laurel branches on the left and right
    8. Draw the two eyes

    You are done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Reddish Brown
    #981D13 152, 29, 19
    #141414 20, 20, 20



    Further Information



    1. Marsians are labeled as generally "agrarian" based on a vague mention of their adjusted space station having the last known trees from planet Earth (and possibly other samples of flora), meaning that they retained some degree of agricultural production, or at least traded for them.
    2. "Calander" is the in-game English spelling, likely caused by language reform (or mishaps on par of the developer).



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