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    Post-Fascism is a Totalitarian, Economically Third-Positionist, Culturally Far-Left, Ultranationalist and Fascist ideology which blends Postmodernicon.png Postmodern philosophy, Anpostleft.png Post-Leftism and Fash.png Fascism into a new and peculiar ideology.

    It hates both Cap.png Capitalism and Commie.png Communism as it believes that they are materialistic universalists. It instead wants to adapt a form of 3P.png Third Positionist economics which will free the people from such decadence. This new society should also be free from objective realism and instead focus on Postmodernicon.png Post-Modern thought and Indiv.png Individualism.

    Unlike most other Fash.png Fascists it is not a Col.png Collectivist but rather an Indiv.png Individualist. It favors a Totalitarian.png Totalitarian state since it believes that it is the only way for the population to experience true individuality. In a more free society people have to rely on a community and their rationality to survive and thrive and can therefore not focus on their individuality, but with the total state as a helping hand true Indiv.png Individualism can be achieved. Because of this it thinks that decentralism can only be reached through centralism.

    The biggest difference between PostFashicon.png Post-Fascism and its Postmodernicon.png Post-Modern father is its rejection of World.png Globalism. It believes that for World.png Globalism to work a collective cultural and moral consensus has to be made between different nations and is therefore incompatible with its Relativism.png Relativist worldview. Because of this it embraces Ultranat.png Ultranationalism and the notion of national rebirth found in Fash.png Fascism, but with a significant difference. It does not want to reintroduce the culture of the nation but rather rebuild the nation on a new culture formed by its population. This is done to distance itself from the "grand narratives" of the old culture.

    It hates all forms of objective morality and religion and wants a society based on relative and subjective morality. This morality will be decided by the people through the state. Truth is not to be something that is universal, but rather applied differently according to each individual's beliefs.




    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - Drop the religious part and traditionalism.
    • Fash.png Fascism - We might not agree on everything, but you're a lot better than most others.
    • Post-an.png Post-Anarchism - Anarchy will not be your salvation.
    • Egoism.png Egoism - I also want to free the individual from morality, religion and other constraints, but a state is needed to do so.
    • Moralism-icon.png Moralism - You're based as long as you let people create their own morality.


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