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    So think of Ray Brassier but closer to psychoanalysis and by extension metaphysical voluntarism.

    Theory I've Written

    I have a blog over at [ciuncil.substack.com] where I post every couple days

    Quick & Brief Garbage

    OK so I'll start with the political section as that's everything ppl care about these days.

    Commie.png Politics LeftCom.png

    LeftCom.png The Vanguard and Centralization Orthlen.png

    OK so I find the idea of the vanguard party as practical necessity and I would comfortably label myself as a centralist, albeit I osiliate between organic and dialectical centralism as proposed by Amadeo Bordiga and Onorato Damen respectively, the later being characterized as where the dialectical character between the center and the base of the party is realized and affirmed as opposed to the system of centralization for bordiga where supposedly elite intellectuals who constitute the center of the party are detached from the toiling base (an idiotic critique if there ever was one).

    Orthlen.png Further Remarks on the Necessity of the Communist Party LeftCom.png

    the relation between capital and labor necessarily creates struggle. this can take the form of striking, rioting, unionization, the formation of workers' clubs, or whatever else. the most important thing is that this action is decentralized, spontaneous, and does not challenge the fundamental structure of the capitalist mode of production and its corresponding state (such action limits itself to pushing for shorter working hours, wage increases, workplace safety measures, etc.) -> socialist theory principally comes from the bourgeois intelligentsia. marx, engels, their predecessors, their contemporaries, and their successors were primarily academics, intellectuals, and professionals. they were not workers. in the case that socialist intellectuals *are* workers (eg proudhon), they are often better-off workers and do not act as workers insofar as they act as intellectuals. -> it is the socialist theory of the "intellectual representatives of the propertied class" that is able to observe and articulate the fundamental processes which characterize the capitalist mode of production. an exploited factory worker can pretty easily see that his conditions are unfavorable, but he can not explain why, and, more importantly, cannot identify the necessary measures for the supersession of the structures and institutions which engender his unfavorable conditions -> these intellectuals, having no material need for liberation, cannot be the fulcrum of revolutionary change. this is what you pointed out. instead, the revolutionary agent must be the working class, whose exploitation is necessarily bound to the reproduction and valorization of capital, and who is without any means of production. as noted earlier, the spontaneous action of the working class is insufficient for the overthrow of capitalism. some fusion between the socialism of the intellectuals and the resistance of the working class is imperative -> the communist party, being composed of those workers (alongside a minority of sympathetic radical intellectuals) who are politically class conscious (ie they recognize the nature of the cmp and direct their struggle against it in its entirety), is the organ which merges socialism and the workers' movement. it allows the most militant and class conscious sections of the working class to centralize and formalize their activity. the party carries out its tasks by bounding itself to the spontaneous activity of the working masses and channeling it in a manner which is conductive to the goals of revolutionary communism.

    StructMarx.png The Autonomy of the State PostMarxism.png

    The state isn't a simple instrument of the ruling class. It is structurally bound to the reproduction of the ruling class's status as ruling class but it exhibits a relative autonomy therefrom. denying that the state or its legitimating ideologies can deviate from the immediate material interests of the ruling class is just vulgar economic determinism, it's not Marxism. An example is how Byzantine magnates continued to embrace the Orthodox Christianity and derivative myths even when it stopped benefiting them.

    StructMarx.png On Intellectuals Neomarx.png

    To be a Communist in philosophy is to become a partisan and artisan of Marxist philosophy: of dialectical materialism. It is not easy to become a Marxist philosopher. Like every ‘intellectual’, a philosophy teacher is a petty bourgeois. When he opens his mouth, it is petty-bourgeois ideology that speaks: its resources and ruses are infinite. You know what Lenin says about ‘intellectuals’. Individually certain of them may (politically) be declared revolutionaries, and courageous ones. But as a mass, they remain ‘incorrigibly’ petty-bourgeois in ideology. Gorky himself was, for Lenin, who admired his talents, a petty-bourgeois revolutionary. To become ‘ideologists of the working class’ (Lenin), ‘organic intellectuals’ of the proletariat (Gramsci), intellectuals have to carry out a radical revolution in their ideas: a long, painful and difficult re-education. An endless external and internal struggle.

    Lacan.png The Paradox of Egalitarianism Marxflag.png

    Distributive justice remains at the level of distribution of goods and cannot deal with the simple, yet decisive paradox of envy, i.e what if I am ready to sacrifice something, to endure a loss if it meant that my neighbor would get less than me (this awareness of the depravity of my neighbor giving me surplus-enjoyment)? This is why egalitarianism should not be accepted at face value. The real practice of egalitarian justice, insofar it is sustained by envy, relies on an inversion of the state of renunciation accomplished to benefit others. Far from being opposed to the spirit of sacrifice, evil emerges at the very spirit of sacrifice, to sacrifice my own well-being if it meant that the other would be deprived of its own self-enjoyment. Not only this Lacanian paradox, the bourgeois-democratic nature of egalitarianism is opposed to the spirit of marxism, which recognizes the real antagonisms that characterizes the state apparatus, i.e the fact that the state dominantly serves the interests of a particular class, i.e the ruling class and a state can never be a state of the whole people (this characterizing the poverty of fascism and class collaborationist ideology) and the universal equality of all which logically also includes the equality of the bourgeois and the proletariat, which is in opposition to the very principles of communism.

    Brassier.png On Tactics and Strategy Commie.png

    Once you dissociate tactics and strategy–the famous distinction between tactics and strategy where strategy is teleological, transcendent, and representational and tactics is immanent and machinic–if you have no strategy, someone with a strategy will soon commandeer your tactics. Someone who knows what they want to realize will start using you. You become the pawn of another kind of impersonal force, but it’s no longer the glamorous kind of impersonal and seductive force that you hoped to make a compact with.

    Philosophy.png Philosophy PostHegel.png

    Bahnsen.png Constant Strife and the Lack of Synthesis Lacan.png

    "Theory of the dialectic" was probably a better term for this section but who gives a damn. Now, firstly there is no progress going on here (not to be confused with process, change, becoming - whatever one might name it), but rather and endless becoming which undergoes a dialectical process. Now both Bahnsen.png Bahnsen and Lacan.png Lacan critique a notion of a synthesis, but Bahnsen argues that there is a pure negation, while for Lacan the very notion of a higher reconciliation of any kind either in a synthesis or absolute negation is seen as futile.
    For Lacan, there is no such thing as a final synthesis such as is represented by Hegel's concept of absolute knowledge; the irreducibility of the unconscious represents the impossibility of any such absolute knowledge.
    For Lacan, then, "the Aufhebung is one of those sweet dreams of philosophy." This denial of a final synthesis subverts the very concept of progress itself. Thus Lacan contrasts his own version of the Aufhebung with that of Hegel, arguing that it repalces Hegel's idea of progress with"the avatars of a lack."
    And now, finally, as for my divergence with Bahnsen, I see no end to contradictions. I see no resolution in an ultimate negation that destroys both sides, but rather as a constant strife, as a never ending procces of negations and affirmations that constitute our very world, which is inspired by Heraclitus.png Heraclitus.

    Lacan.png Lacan as Non-Phallocentric Postfem.png

    For Lacan, the phallus as the signifier of desire (main argument used to accuse him of 'phallocentrism'), is, surprisingly not a universal state of affairs but rather relative to the traditional, enclosed western society. ezy.

    Freud.png Penis Envy as Symbolic Postfem.png

    So the 'vulgar' Freudians and anti-Freudians agree (ironically enough) with eachother that penis envy must be interpreted as a literal thing, i.e girls do genuinely desire a penis which they lack (lack being the prerequisite to all desire), while a feminist (or in my opinion correct) interpretation of penis envy lies in seeing it as a symbolic phenomena which represents the desire for the prestige and power which boys are offered and which girls are denied of due to the patriarchal nature of the nuclear family, the phallus (penis) representing power rather than being literal.

    Žižekism.png Zizekian Notion of Interpassivity PostMarxism.png

    Before starting this, let me cite an example to make everything just a bit easier to comprehend.
    Imagine that one individual who has worked the entire day and comes back to his or her home, their little nest, if you will. Now, they open the T.V and decide to watch some comedy show. If you are familiar with comedic shows, you would know that the laugh track nearly always, without exception plays when a comedic scene happens. This stimulates a reaction from us, and, even if for example we do not physically laugh, we would still experience the physiological effects of laughter and find enjoyment and relief in show, as I mentioned even if we fundamentally only stare at the screen, doing our job as a passive consumer in this industrial-capitalist society we inhabit.
    We can observe a trend in methods of communication and entertainment in which the media presented in front of us has had a pattern of having an increase in interactivity. This deludes the mind into believing that the age of passive consumption (consuming passive art such as old fashioned movies, paintings, writings, music and ect.) has ended, while it clearly has not. We fundamentally stop only staring at the screen and start to interact with it and some people saw, and to be frank still see a liberatory potential in this trend of increasing interactivity, i.e they think that they can go from being a passive observer of the spectacle to setting the very rules of this very spectacle, a dream that fundamentally desires to be shattered.
    What Lacan shows us is the other, gloomier side of this trend of interactivity, rightfully titled as interpassivity is, in it's totality is the supposed object, i.e the device, the medium and ect. taking from the consumer. The object is the one that absorbs the entertainment for me; in process relieving my duty to consume and enjoy thyself.

    Lacan.png Language as Alienation Žižekism.png

    When you are castrated and enter language (the symbolic order), you sacrifice a certain primordial jouissance in exchange for...well...survival and a sense of easier communication (which might be a falsity due to the character of all communication being fundamentally miscommunication). This loss of that original jouissance, alienates the subject, the original J. becomes the others jouissance, thus, we can conceive of language as alienation. This loss can be conceived of as a choice, as long as a mugger threatening you with the two options of losing your money or life can be conceived of a choice.


    • Heraclitus.png Heraclitus (535-475 BCE)
    • Plato.png Plato (428-348 BCE)
    • Enlightnenment.png Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)
    • Kant2.png Immanuel Kant ( 1724-1804)
    • Fichteanism.png Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814)
    • HegelianPhilosophy.png G.W.F Hegel (1770-1831)
    • DepressionMale.png Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)
    • Stirner.png Max Stirner (1806-1856)
    • BakuninHeg.png Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876)
    • Marxflag.png Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    • Orengelsf.png Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
    • Nietzsche.png Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
    • Freud.png Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
    • Orthlen.png Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)
    • Councom.png Antonie Pannekoek (1873-1960)
    • LeftCom.png Amadeo Bordiga (1889-1970)
    • Lacan.png Jacques Lacan (1901-1981)
    • Onorato.png Onorato Damen (1903-1979)
    • ExistFem.png Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986)
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995)
    • Debord.png Guy Debord (1931-1994)
    • Žižekism.png Slavoj Žižek (1949-???)
    • Landian Accelerationism.png Nick Land (1962-???)
    • Brassier.png Ray Brassier (1965-???)
    • Acidcomf.png Mark Fisher (1968-2017)
    • Inhumanism.png Reza Negarestani (1977-???)

    Personality and Behavior

    It has the exact same personality as its founder (Councilguy aka Me)


    This basically ranges from I don't hate you to I want you to die. pretty simple.


    HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 (Egocom.png/ExistPhenom.png/Meta-Anarchism.png) - well, the respect you show for me is mutual (even tho I'll admit I was skeptical of you a couple months ago). Now, let us get to a brief analysis of your views. In the philosophical realm we see you try to synthesize (existential) phenomenology with deleuzoguattarianism in relation to subjective human experience, an attempt I respect due to the complicated relation between D+G and phenomenology. Now, in relation to politics and psychoanalysis, we have two opposing perspectives. You say that Lacanian desire is desire territorialized into an object, against the true nature of desire as free flow, but desire (just like anxiety in the psychoanalytic sense) is never without its object, what does that mean? it means that an object is the necessity for the bringing-into-words of desire. This, lines very well with my current political beliefs, i.e the need for a vanguard which operates as (to use metaphors) object of territorialization, territorializing the flows of desire (spontaneous acts against capitalism such as riots and mass demonstrations), giving them form, shape and purpose, avoiding the postmodern trap of singular events which are isolated and thus fail to construct a chain which will ensure the communist victory. Our opposing approaches to these phenomena are really nothing but issues on perspective. "Life is perspective, and my perspective might be different from yours..." (Kendrick Lamar, the heart part 5)
    Ultro.png Ultroneism (Stirner.png/PostHegel.png/Ins.png) - I would usually write a couple paragraphs critiquing some random points I find worthwhile, but no. I'm just gonna utter a single word : astonishing. I am very aware that this was anticlimactic.


    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism (Ormarxf.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Internat.png) - Well, let's start with your obvious sympathy to the tendency of clowns, Juche. We historically find that the emergence of the Juche tendency was not a marxist one (see : the founder of Juche being an anarchist) and instead fulfilling it's nationalistic aims of "emancipating" the Korean people against imperial aggression. Juches preaching of nationalism runs extremely counter to the Marxist doctrine (that is, the international emancipation of the proletariat), not only that, it does not preach the economic doctrines of marxism either in its support for the market economy. In relation to national liberation/decolonization struggles in general, they can have a place in the communist programme, yet they can never be a central focus, and their character as not inherently worthwhile should also be empathized. In relation to the question of Mao, his empathies on the compatibility of socialism with the production of commodities and his rejection of the negation of the negation (a Hegelian notion which is also deeply present in Marx) are laughable, although he himself in general was quite mediocre all things considered, having achievements and the opposite of those things.
    Rocksismicon.png Rocksism (Bckchn.png/Libsoc.png/Envi.png) - oh c'mon! Bookchin was undeniably a clown due to his immature "criticism" of deep ecology, accusing it of being antisemitic (due to Martin Heideggers influence on DE, a member of the Nazi party) while also saying that Baruch Spinoza (a Jew!) also had a significant influence on the movement. Not only that, Bookchins humanistic politics which results in an alienation of real, living, breathing men. Now, you misrepresent both Rosa Luxemburg, the German left communist current (Council Communism) and Marx.
    One, In relation to Luxemburg - She was no libertarian marxist like you might believe, but rather close to the "authoritarian" Bolsheviks, sometime even more "dictatorial". We can see this in her support for the dissolution of the constituent assembly, criticizing the second international for not being centralist enough and her support for an autocratic inner party structure in the SDKPIL.
    Two, In relation to Karl Marx : Marx was also no libertarian when he famously proclaimed that "when our time comes, we will not make excuses for the terror".
    Three, in relation to the councilist current : being marxists, councilists are naturally not afraid to use "authoritarian" measures in defending the dictatorship of the proletariat class, except for the one and only Otto Rühle who was an objective clown and an anarchist disguised in marxist clothing.
    Now when it comes to the question of the market and your economics, we encounter an issue. a supposed demystification which in reality is nothing but a further mystification, i.e the advocacy of the resolving of the contradiction between the social reality of labor and the reality of property insofar as it is concentrated and individualized through a procces of socialization and decentralization I assume, which in reality is quite appealing, yet the cooperative system does not go beyond capitalist social relations, of wage labor and the law of value which characterize our historical epoch. In other words, the problem with the firm does not lie in whether it is collectively owned or not, but rather with the firm-in-itself.
    I wish I could discuss some of your philosophical positions but those are not yet elaborated sadly, so we'll see.


    Glencoe.png Glencoe (Steinval.png/Socgeo.png/Neotech.png) - Well well well, another fetishizer of the project of the enlightenment and yet another liberal in favor of the wicked division of society into classes. There isn't much to critique philosophically, other than mind-body dualism. To refute this, we can go to either Hegel or Spinoza, i.e thought and extension are two attributes of substance or we could say the objective and subjective poles are grounded in the absolute. Two ways to article the same point.




    Have Read

    Demcon.png Abdullah Öcalan

    • Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism
    • Demcon.png Democratic Nation

    MLM.png Abimael Guzmán Mariateguism.png

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    Fichteanism.png Johann Gottlieb Fichte

    • Fichteanism.png The Vocation of the Scholar

    Anprim.png John Zerzan Post-Autonomism.png

    • Post-Autonomism.png Anti-Work and the Struggle for Control
    • Post-Autonomism.png Origins and Meaning of World War 1

    Libmarx.png Jonas Čeika Nietzsche.png

    • Libmarx.png How to Philosophize With a Hammer and a Sickle

    Commie.png Joseph Dietzgen Christath.png

    • Christath.png The Ethics of Social Democracy

    Stalin.png Joseph Stalin ML.png

    • Stalin.png Dialectical and Historical Materialism

    Goethe.png J. W. von Goethe

    • Goethe.png Prometheus

    Communization.png Kämpa Tillsammans! Antwork.png

    • Communization.png Do Chefs Dream of Cloned Sheep
    • Communization.png Faceless Resistance
    • Communization.png Hamburgers vs Value
    • Communization.png No Peace in the Class War
    • Communization.png Possibilities are Found Outside the Unions

    Fumiko.png Kaneko Fumiko Nietzsche.png

    • Annil.png Because I Wanted to

    Centmarxf.png Karl Kautsky Pac.png

    • Centmarxf.png Critique of State Socialism
    • Centmarxf.png The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

    HegelMarx.png Karl Korsch Councom.png

    • HegelMarx.png Marxism and Philosophy
    • Neomarx.png Ten Theses on Marxism Today

    Karl Marx.png Karl Marx

    • HegelianPhilosophy.png A Book of Verse
    • MarxHuman.png Comments on James Mill
    • Ormarxf.png Critique of the Gotha Programme
    • Ormarxf.png Notes on Ricardo
    • Ormarxf.png The Poverty of Philosophy
    • Ormarxf.png The Civil War in France
    • Ormarxf.png Theses on Feuerbach
    • Ormarxf.png Wage Labor and Capital

    Ormarxf.png Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Orengelsf.png

    • Ormarxf.png Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League
    • Ormarxf.png The Communist Manifesto
    • MarxHuman.png The Holy Family

    Liberal Democracy.png Karl Popper & Herbert Marcuse Marcuse.png

    • Soc-h.png Reform or Revolution?

    Orthlen.png Karl Radek Natcom.png

    • Orthlen.png Dictatorship and Terrorism
    • Natcom.png Fascism, Ourselves and the German Social-Democrats

    Postsitu.png Ken Knabb BudAn.png

    • Revolution.png The Opening in Iran
    • Anti-Prim.png The Poverty of Primitivism

    Kita.png Kita Ikki Agsoc.png

    • Kita.png An Outline Plan for the Reorganization of Japan

    RussianNil.png Kristian Petrov

    • RussianNil.png Strike out, right and left!

    Xenofeminism.png Laboria Cuboniks Leftac.png

    • Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism

    Tao.png Lao Tzu

    • Tao.png Tao Te Ching

    Postsitu.png Larry Law

    • Postsitu.png Spectacular Times

    Trot.png Leon Trotsky Orthlen.png

    • Trot.png Bolshevism & Stalinism
    • Marxflag.png On the Philosophy of the Superman
    • Antifa.png What is National Socialism?

    Tolstoy.png Leo Tolstoy

    • DepressionMale.png A Confession

    Tao.png Lie Yukou

    • Tao.png Liezi

    Mao.png Lin Biao Mao3word.png

    • Mao3word.png Quotations
    • Mao3word.png Speech at the Celebration Rally
    • Mao3word.png Speech at the Peking Rally

    YngHeg.png Ludwig Feuerbach Materialism.png

    • HegelianPhilosophy.png Letter to Hegel (1828)

    Mao.png Mao Tse-Tung

    • Mao.png A Single Spark can Start a Prairie Fire
    • Mao.png Combat Liberalism
    • Mao.png Concerning Economic Problems Of Socialism In The USSR
    • Mao.png Critique of Stalin's Economic Problems Of Socialism In The USSR
    • Mao.png On Contradiction
    • Mao.png On Practice
    • Mao.png Oppose Book Worship
    • Mao.png Stalin's Place in History
    • Mao.png Talk on Questions of Philosophy
    • Mao.png The Chinese People can not be Cowed by the Atom Bomb
    • Mao.png U.S Imperialism is a Paper Tiger
    • Mao.png Where do Correct Ideas Come From?

    ExistPhenom.png Maurice Merleau-Ponty ExistHum.png

    • ExistMarx.png Humanism and Terror
    • ExistPhenom.png The World of Perception

    Auton.png Mariarosa Dalla Costa Marxfem.png

    • Marxfem.png The Door to the Garden

    Auton.png Mario Tronti Orthlen.png

    • Auton.png Lenin in England

    Acidcomf.png Mark Fisher PostMarxism.png

    • PostMarxism.png Capitalist Realism

    Marquis de Sade.png Marquis de Sade

    • Atheism.png Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man
    • Libertine.png Philosophy in the Bedroom

    Unconditional Accelerationism.png Matt Colquhoun

    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png A U/Acc Premier
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Do U (Even) /Acc Bro?
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Fragment on the Event of "Unconditional Acceleration"
    • Accel.png Notes on Lenin and Accelerationist Meta-Terrorism

    PCB-RomSto.png Marcus Aulerius

    • PCB-RomSto.png The Meditations

    Lutheo.png Martin Luther Cball-HRE.png

    • ProtTheo.png 95 Theses

    Frankfurt.png Max Horkheimer DepressionMale.png

    • DepressionMale.png Schopenhauer Today

    Foucault.png Michel Foucault Poststruct.png

    • Poststruct.png Power/Knowledge

    BakuninHeg.png Mikhail Bakunin

    • AnRat.png God and the State
    • Acol.png Marxism, Freedom and the State
    • BakuninHeg.png The Reaction in Germany

    Labzion.png Moses Hess YngHeg.png

    • Soc-h.png The Last Philosophers

    Bckchn.png Murray Bookchin

    • Bckchn.png Death of a Small Planet
    • Bckchn.png Social Ecology versus Deep Ecology

    PCB-LesbiaNRx.png N1x Gaccf.png

    • Gaccf.png Gender Acceleration
    • CyberNihil.png Hello From the Wired

    Mach.png Niccolò Machiavelli Pragmat.png

    • Mach.png The Prince

    Landian Accelerationism.png Nick Land Rightac.png

    • Rightac.png A Quick and Dirty Intro to Acc
    • Rightac.png Cold Anarchy
    • Rightac.png Kant, Capital and the Prohibition of Incest
    • Rightac.png Meltdown

    Khrusch.png Nikita Khrushchev SocImp.png

    • AntiAm.png Letters to Kennedy

    Bukh.png Nikolai Bukharin

    • Bukh.png Last Letter to Stalin

    CountEn.png Novalis Fichteanism.png

    • CountEn.png Hymns to the Night

    Communization.png Olias Anqueer.png

    • Anqueer.png Neither Womyn nor Patriarch

    Damen.png Onorato Damen Marxflag.png

    • LeftCom.png Bordiga

    Indlibsoc.png Oscar Wilde

    • Indlibsoc.png The Soul of Man Under Socialism

    Councom.png Otto Rühle AnMarx.png

    • Councom.png Moscow and Ourselves
    • Councom.png The Psyche of the Proletarian Child
    • Councom.png The Revolution is not a Party Affair
    • Councom.png The Struggle Against Fascism Begins With the Struggle Against Bolshevism

    Parmenides.png Parmenides

    • Parmenides.png Fragments

    Antwork.png Paul Lafargue Ormarxf.png

    • Antwork.png The Right to be Lazy

    AnOnto.png Peter Lamborn Wilson

    • AnOnto.png Immediatism
    • Post-an.png Post-Anarchism Anarchy
    • Annil.png The New Nihilism

    DepressionMale.png Peter Wessel Zapffe Anti-Natalism.png

    • Anti-Natalism.png The Last Messiah

    Mainländer.png Phillip Mainländer

    • DepressionMale.png Critique of the Philosophy of Hartmann
    • DepressionMale.png The Philosophy of Redemption

    Mutualist.png Pierre-Joseph Proudhon PostHegel.png

    • Mutualist.png God is Evil, Man is Free
    • Mutualist.png The Creation of Order in Humanity
    • Mutualist.png The Theory of Taxation
    • Mutualist.png Toast to the Revolution

    Gassendi.png Pierre Gassendi Materialism.png

    • Hedonist.png Happiness

    Plato.png Plato

    • Plato.png Apologia
    • Plato.png Euthyphro
    • Plato.png Phadeo
    • Plato.png Protagoras
    • Plato.png Sophist

    Polpot.png Pol Pot Mao.png

    • Antimon.png Monarchy or Democracy
    • Polpot.png On Vietnamese Aggression

    Brassier.png Ray Brassier Commie.png

    • Commie.png Accelerationism
    • Commie.png Utopian Possibility
    • Commie.png Wandering Abstraction

    Descarte.png René Descartes Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png

    • Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Discourse on Method
    • Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Meditations on First Philosophy
    • Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Rules for the Direction of the Mind

    Nova.png Renzo Novatore Nietzsche.png

    • Ego-nihil.png Towards the Creative Nothing

    Plato.png Reza Negarestani Inhumanism.png

    • Inhumanism.png Inhumanism

    Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Robert Owen Humanismpix.png

    • Utsoc.png A New Vision of Society

    Luxem.png Rosa Luxemburg

    • Luxem.png In Defense of Nationality
    • Luxem.png Reform or Revolution

    Neomarx.png Rudi Supek ExistHum.png

    • ExistMarx.png Utopia and Reality

    Councom.png Rudolf Sprenger

    • Anti-Bolshevik.png Theses on Bolshevism

    Philosophy.png R.W.K. Paterson

    • Ego-nihil.png The Nihilistic Egoist : Max Stirner

    Agorismf.png Samuel Edward Konkin III Anmark2.png

    • Agorismf.png New Libertarian Manifesto

    Post-an.png Saul Newman

    • Post-an.png Anarchism and the Politics of Resentment
    • Post-an.png Anarchism, Marxism and the Bonapartist State
    • Post-an.png Insurrection or Revolution?
    • Post-an.png The Politics of Post-Anarchism

    Annil.png Serafinsky

    • Annil.png Blessed is the Flame

    RussianNil.png Sergey Nechayev Revolution.png

    • Revolution.png Revolutionary Catechism

    Freud.png Sigmund Freud

    • Freud.png Beyond the Pleasure Principle
    • Freud.png Civilization and it's Disconnects
    • Freud.png The Ego and the Id
    • Freud.png Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

    ExistFem.png Simone de Beauvoir

    • ExistHum.png The Ethics of Ambiguity

    Situationalistinternationalism-icon.png Situationist International Situ.png

    • Situ.png The Bad Days will End
    • Situ.png The Poverty of Student Life
    • Situ.png Theses on the Paris Commune
    • Situ.png The Use of Free Time

    Žižekism.png Slavoj Žižek

    • Lacan.png Antigone
    • PostMarxism.png Heaven in Disorder
    • Lacan.png How to Read Lacan
    • PostMarxism.png The Relevance of the Communist Manifesto Today

    DepressionMale.png Sophocles Hellenistheoicon.png

    • DepressionMale.png Antigone

    Catheo.png Stephen Langton

    • Catheo.png The Magna Carta

    Tao.png Sun-Tzu Strato-Antifurry.png

    • Tao.png The Art of War

    Post-an.png Süreyyya Evren

    • Post-an.png Notes on Postanarchism
    • Post-an.png Postanarchism and the 3rd world

    Neolud.png Theodore John Kaczynski Anpostleft.png

    • Neolud.png Ship of Fools

    Insarch.png The Invisible Committee Communization.png

    • Insarch.png The Coming Insurrection

    Adorno.png Theodore W. Adorno & Max Horkheimer Frankfurt.png

    • Frankfurt.png The Dialectic of Enlightenment

    Sankara.png Thomas Sankara Afrsoc.png

    • Protect.png A United Front Against Debt

    Fut2.png Valentine de Saint Point Fut.png

    • Fut2.png Futurist Manifesto of Lust
    • Fut2.png The Manifesto of Futurist Woman

    Philosophy.png Various Authors

    • Agorismf.png Agorism for the 21st Century

    Gender Accelerationism.png Vikky Storm & Emma Flores Xenofeminism.png

    • Gender Accelerationism.png The Gender Accelerationist Manifesto

    Unconditional Accelerationism.png Vincent Garton

    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Acceleration Without Conditions
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Leviathan Rots
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Unconditional Accelerationism as Antipraxis

    Lenin.png Vladimir Lenin

    • Orthlen.png Better Fewer, But Better
    • Orthlen.png Karl Marx
    • Orthlen.png Left-Wing Communism
    • Orthlen.png On Cooperation
    • Orthlen.png On The Significance of Militant Materialism
    • Orthlen.png The April Theses
    • Orthlen.png The State and Revolution
    • Orthlen.png The Three Components of Marxism
    • Orthlen.png What is to be Done?

    Fut2.png Velimir Khlebnikov Utsoc.png

    • Utsoc.png Selected Poems

    Neomarx.png V.N Voloshinov Orthlen.png

    • Neomarx.png Freudianism

    Frankfurt.png Walter Benjamin Neomarx.png

    • Frankfurt.png The Life of Students
    • Frankfurt.png Theses on the Philosophy of History
    • Frankfurt.png The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

    Christsoc.png Wilhelm Weitling Commie.png

    • Commie.png Letter to Moses Hess

    Mao.png Zhang Chunqiao Commie.png

    • Mao.png On Exercising All-Round Dictatorship Over the Bourgeoisie
    • Mao.png Report on the Revision of the Constitution










    Council.png CouncilGuy - deleted old comments.

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- i do fetishize the enlightenment how can you tell :gigachad:(well expect for the moral universalist garbage) anyway thanks for adding me! Also can i copy penis envy as symbolic for my page because it is 100% correct.
    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - Yeah, I actually don't really like how the DPRK takes it too fair with prioritizing reactionary chauvinism over actual class struggle, but I am a bit supportive of their struggle against the West nonetheless. And unlike many other anti-West countries (most notably countries like Russia, China, and Iran), they're not as genocidal nor do they have an imperialist foreign policy. I also like the fact that they did support African struggle and liberation against European powers, but yet again, I don't really like the DPRK in itself (aside from foreign policy), but I still prefer it much more to China, Russia, Iran, etc. (though Cuba and pre-Maduro Venezeula is still far more based than the DRPK). And yeah, again, I didn't really read much theory from Mao I'll have to ashamedly admit, but it is true I am still critical of some of the things he did like the rejection of the Hegelian theory of negation of the negation. I also have to admit that I didn't know that he thought that socialism is the stage in which all commodity production is abolished (in which this belief is most commonly associated with Pol Pot, who literally just immediately abolished commodity production altogether without taking any Marxist analysis of historical materialism and negation into account whatssoever), but yes I definitely disagree with that belief, even if he was against the nuance of revisionism (i.e, modern-day China); and maybe that's where Pol Pot draws his inspiration for his so-called "revolution", that is, the Maoist idea that all commodity production can be abolished as soon as you achieve socialism.

    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Do you believe in determinism or do you believe in free will? Also, add me to relations?

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- I am no longer a mind body dualist


    Note: All the Tests have terrible questions based on abstract concepts. All Spooky. let alone the fact that then labeling oneself according to a test creates a simple, imcomplete and just enslaving picture for me to exist within. But if you must know...(and yes I did copy this from Compost, Cope)

    INFP.png INFP-T

    Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism

    • DvEquality.png Collective
    • DvIntervening2.png Intervening
    • DvAnarchy.png Anarchist
    • DvPermission.png Emancipatory
    • DvInclusivity.png Inclusive
    • DvNovelty.png Neoteric

    Socliber.png Social Libertarianism

    • Equality.png Social
    • World.png Internationalist
    • Liberty.png Anarchist
    • Prgess.png Very Progressive

    AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism

    • Federal.png Fanatic Federal
    • Democr.png Fanatic Democrat
    • World.png Globalist
    • Pacifist.png Fanatic Pacifist
    • Liberty.png Fanatic Freedom
    • Equality.png Equality
    • Atheism.png Extreme Secular
    • Prgess.png Fanatic Progressive
    • Multicult9a.png Fanatic Multiculturalist

    Aneco.png Eco-Anarchism

    • LvRevolution.png Extremely Revolutionary
    • LvScientific.png Neutral LvUtopian.png
    • LvDecentral.png Extremely Decentral
    • LvInternational.png Internationalist
    • LvUnion.png Extremely Unionist
    • LvNature.png Very Ecological
    • LvProgressive.png Extremely Progressive


    1. Ebeggin defines the post- right as "the “Post-Right” embraces the goals of the Right, specifically a return to a traditional model of society and aristocratic leadership, while rejecting Rightist ideology in all its forms: capitalism, chauvinism, anti-communism, reactionary nationalism, etc."
    2. only does audio books
    3. I actually don't know what the guy's ideology is, but he makes good videos covering different philosophies (as the name suggests). The enlightenment icon is just referring to the fact that these youtubers while generally talking about philosophy, have not discloud their political opinions (at least to my knowledge)
    4. I do not endorse platformism, but this is a good introductory video about platformism for anyone curious that is in my opinion well made, informative and easy enough to understand.
    5. ehhhh I don't think the band called themselves "Post-Left" or something, but the lyrics fit pretty well with "postie" stuff.
    6. They are not marxists, but they have been heavily influenced by the situationist international.
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