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    Post-Confederatism is a culturally and economically right but civically viable ideology which builds off of American Confederatism while rejecting some aspects such as Racism and Agrarianism, which it views as having caused (at least in part) the defeat of the Confederate States in the American Civil War.

    It abhors Racism, viewing it as foolish to limit slavery to one race/ethnicity, instead wanting to enslave any and all races and peoples.

    It also rejects both Agrarianism and Industrialism, instead favoring a Post-Industrial economy where the majority of jobs are carried out by slaves or outsourced (preferably to a Golden Circle-like country).

    Civically it quite similar to it's predecessors, though it generally advocates for more authoritarian measures against certain people, albeit by state governments.


    He has little to no friends besides Colorblind Neoconfederatism, as a result he is quite melancholic and is always reminiscing on how the Confederates could have won.

    He also speaks in a thick southern accent, of course.





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