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    Post-ChaoCommunism is the secondary ideology of Marsis. It would be the evolution of MrsVzr.png Chaotic Communism, their main ideology, after it having been completely achieved. Earth has been saved from environmental urgency, united under one political entity, former nations turned into everchanging commune federations, and under the watch of the Draconian State, the Transformationist model brings the dawn of a new era for social, scientific and technological progress. It is an economically left-wing, culturally hyper leftist and transhumanist ideology.

    Post-Chaosocialism is a File:PstIrr.png Post-Irrationalist ideology.


    MrsVzr.png Politico-Economic Chaosocialism Techsoc.png

    • Post-Chaosocialism is based on the status quo created by the establishment of Chaosocialism. Their political and economic systems are mostly identical, however with the notable integration of a form of Techsoc.png Techno-Socialism.

    Transh.png Body Modification Healthcare Nordmodel.png

    • Antr.png Anarcho-Transhumanist justification : Post-Chaosocialism thinks that using technology to modifie and/or upgrade one's body is a legitimate extension of personal freedom as it allows the individual to gain a deeper control over their own body instead of being limited by it.

    Post-Chaosocialism treats the matter of technological body mofification as a medical issue. As such, the socialized healthcare system of Post-Chaosocialism takes care of regulating the field. Every citizen, upon entering adulthood, has a limited credit they can allow to body mods, and that they cannot exceed. There are mainly three types of body mods : restoration (to fix or compensate a malfunction or loss of capacity), improvement (to enhance an existing capacity or acquire a new one), and cultural (with no clear enhancement, even possibly relative downgrade).

    • Restoration mods : those are fully covered by social security, and the citizen has the final word regarding the nature of the modification. They aren't deducted from the citizen's credit.
    • Improvement mods : those are primarily the ones taken into account in one's body mods credit
    • Cultural mods : they are solely at the individual's responsibility. Can be deducted from their credit if there is some enhancement other than just aesthetic.

    People and organizations need to be approved by the state to be allowed to perform, create or sell body modifications. Furthermore, a new body mod technology needs to be democratically approved before the state can allow it.

    File:Left-Singularity.png Hyper-Progressive Transapiensism SapSup.png

    • Post-Chaosocialism takes the Chaosocialist use of SapSup.png Sapient Supremacism to the next level, by advocating for the active augmentation of proto-sapient species into fully self-conscious sapienses. The process of sapientization is as follows :
    1. Randomly selecting a number of specimen of various ages from the species candidate to augmentation.
    2. Use science (especially genetic engineering, sociology, ethology and neurobiology) and techno-futuristic bullshit to transform the specimens into sapient individuals.
    3. Educate them and let them form their culture by interactions within their social group, and between themselves and sapient society.
    4. After enough time, the choice of augmenting the rest of the species is given to the augmented selection.

    Potential candidate species : Common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Congo grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus), most of the Hominidae family, several species of the Corvus genus especially the common raven (Corvus corax)

    • Following the claims of Chaosocialist Sapiensism, Posth.png artificial intelligences that reach the level of self conscious, evolutionary auto-determination and the other criteiras of sapiensdom are considered sapient and as such are legally citizens. Laws on artificial intelligence development are however very strict, and it is forbidden to create artificial sapienses for economic reasons.
    • Post-Chaosocialism is also the era of voluntary Post-Genderism.png Postgenderism, where gender identity is seen as purely cultural and optional.

    Ectrans.png Techo-Environmental Integration Pannat.png

    Post-Chaosocialism uses Ectrans.png Eco-Transhumanist and terraforming to ensure harmony between nature and technology's development, and to repair what has been destroyed before the era of Chaosocialism.

    • Post-Chaosialist's technological development grants to civilization an almost total control of nature thanks to the global executive state Chaosocialism has established over the world. Using this control, biodiversity is to be preserved, natural habitats protected and both shall be restored to what is possibly achievable.
    • The balance between the consequences of technological civilization and preservation of Earth's natural environment is constantly being calculated. It is the prime compass of technological development at global scale, and Post-Chaosocialism makes sure that what is degraded from the environment never exceeds what nature can rebuild.

    World.png Global Rationalization of Energy & Natural Ressources Envi.png

    • Enlightnenment.png Massive renewable energy production : Depending on circumstances, from all to most of the world's energy consumption relies on renewable energy production such as solar and geothermal energy, wind and tidal power, hydroelectricity, biomass recycling. Nuclear plants are also built in secluded places, ideally using nuclear fusion rather than fission.
    • Tucn-EcoAuth.png Centralized exploitation : All stocks of non-renewable natural resources such as oil, gaz and rare-earth metals are estimated, counted and classified by the Global State. It has the monopoly of the extraction and/or management of these ressources. The methods of exploitation are solely chosen on their impact on the environment, and said impacts are to be systematically cancelled thanks to terraforming technologies before their accumulation becomes harmful for the ecosystem.
    • Regulationism.png Ressource & Energy Regulation : Every citizen has a basic limited amount of energy one is allowed to consume each month, calculated by the cyberocratic branch of state to make sure that consumption doesn't exceed sustainable production. Citizens, associations or communes can ask for extra consumption credit, for example to start and/or maintain a business. Such extra energy allowance must be submitted to the collective delibaration to be approved.


    Post-Chaosocialism and Mars-Vizirism have a similar personality, but the former is bolder and much more self-confident. When Mars-Vizirism puts on their helmet, they become Post-Chaosocialism. The two can also be separate characters, with Post-Chaosocialism being Marsisism's double from the future who travels into the past.

    How to Draw

    File:Post-Chaosocialism Flag.png
    Flag of Post-Chaosocialism
    1. Draw a ball with a tail coming from its back.
    2. Fill it black.
    3. Draw a triangle on the bottom half and fill it grey.
    4. Draw a helmet/mask with 3 spikes on each side (good luck) and fill it blue.
    5. Add three small horns in a vertical line on the forehead and fill them grey.
    6. Add two right triangles for the eyes.
    7. Draw a thin yellow line inside the eyes against the borders.
    8. Fill the eyes red.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Blue 0,0,128 #000080
    Red 255,0,0 #FF0000
    Yellow 255,255,0 #FFFF00
    Grey 67,69,92 #43455C





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