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    The characters which TDRHism based this ideology upon
    Post-Avaritionism is an economically off-compass right, civically off-compass libertarian, and culturally variable (although leaning right) ideology based on the (satirical) beliefs of a few characters. It lies on the blinded compass libertarian right section. Basically about as right-libertarian you can go. It is the child of Avar.png Avaritionism with Anpostr.png Post-Right Anarchism.

    It also takes some inspiration from Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism. This is due to the interventionist foreign policy of this ideology, which is the belief that the goal of a post-avaritionist society is to rapidly accelerate the status-quo of nations until worldwide post-avaritionism is achieved.

    Economic Views

    Economically, it is social darwinist to the max. It believes in a Microcompetitivismicon.png microcompetitive Omni-Market-icon.png omni-market economic model based on the ideas of "survival of the fittest" and selfishness (kind of like Obj.png Objectivism). Think about the Purge movie series but 10 times more extreme and you basically get this. There will be a battle royale to see who can be the last one surviving and the one who can get the most money and valuables (kind of like plunder in COD.png COD: Modern Warfare). Slaveism icon.png Slavery will also be legal under a Post-Avaritionist society, however this will apply to the weak who they deem can be redeemed.

    Civil Views

    It believes in an Ego.png egoist society. It is very Awaj.png anarchist to the point where all morals are seen as "statist". However, it still does have a Caste.png caste system-like hierarchy.

    This is the hierarchy (caste 1 being the highest while caste 5 being the lowest):

    1. This is the highest caste. Reserved for Ego.png egoists and the Economic Darwinism.png and economic far-right.
    2. The second-highest caste. Pretty much Cap.png regular capitalists, Awaj.png anarchists, and the like.
    3. The middle caste. Consists of the Capcom.png economic center and anything else.
    4. The second-lowest caste. Socdem.png social democrats and Sec.png statists would be in that caste.
    5. The lowest caste. Totalitarian.png totalitarians, PolState.png the police, Soc.png socialists, and the whole Leftunity.png economic left would be there.

    There is also an above and below the caste hierarchy. Above the caste is reserved for Avar.png avaritionists and the like, whereas below the caste will be reserved for Hmind.png hive-mind collectivists and the like.

    Cultural Views

    Culturally, it is syncretic. It wants to abolish most hierarchies but its own hierarchy (seen above) is kept, however it is mainly just a civil/economic hierarchy. Other than that, it is socially syncretic, as it doesn't fit in with Trad.png traditionalist or Prgess.png progressive values.

    Diplomatic Views

    Diplomatically, it is World.png globalist, however only on intervention issues. It believes in a more extreme version of Necon.png neoconservative foreign policy, believing that it should be spread worldwide, meaning that it's a more extreme version of Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism on this issue.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in black (#141414).
    3. Draw a crossed yellow Lee Enfield rifle with a crossed yellow machete (both #FFFF00).
    4. On the bottom, write "Tread on everyone" using the same shade of yellow.
    5. Add the eyes (you can also add an eyepatch) and you're done!


    Caste Above

    • Avar.png Avaritionism - Literally me but less radical. Wait, why are you telling me that's going too far?

    Caste 1

    Caste 2

    • Cap.png Capitalism - Money......but be more radical.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Be more radical.
    • Austrobert.png Austrolibertarianism - Good laissez-faire economics, but still not radical enough.
    • Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism - Based foreign policy, but be more radical on that and the government!
    • Comb.png Combatocracy - Statism is cringe, but in the end, might makes right!
    • Hoppef.png Hoppeanism - Hoppe was very based, but I have a mixed opinion on conservatism and you're not radical enough. But, we do agree that democracy is the god that failed.
    • Pinochet-hat.png Pinochetism - Too statist, and not radical enough on economics, although your approach on commies is VERY BASED.
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - While my opinion on technology is mixed, Desperado Enforcement is UBER-BASED.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Based, but be more radical.

    Caste 3

    Caste 4

    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Nerd, welfare is for the weak.
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - C*mmie, and not radical enough on the state.
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Statism is cringe, but privately-owned police is cool, and some of you, such as J. H. Blair, are BASED.

    Caste 5

    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Stalin the Slave!
    • Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism - You will be slaved! Wait, Aren't we different?
    • Dem.png Democracy - Rule by the weak is oppressive towards the strong, you are no different than Totalitarian.png him!
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - Democracy is not the solution, and s*cialism is cringe! TO THE HELICOPTERS!!!

    Caste Below


    1. Just take a look at their ideologies and you'll get the point
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