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    Important Stuff Before Reading

    I would like to say that I will be taking a hiatus from the Polcompball community as a whole. I'm definitely still going thru some older texts that I've read, especially since I never actually learned anything other than "I red this."

    I am currently experimenting with note taking systems, but otherwise as I said before, I am enjoying life as it is right now. I will return around the summer but for now I'll be inactive around here.


    Ideological Summary

    • Awaj.png Anarchism
      • Anin.png Individualist Anarchism
        • Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism
          • Antwork.png Anti-Work
      • Meta-Anarchism.png Meta-Anarchism
      • GE.png Gift Economy
      • Egophil.png Egoism
        • Ego.png Egoistic Anarchism
        • Anti-Humanism.png Anti-Humanism
        • AntiDem.png Anti-Democracy
    • Soc.png Socialism
      • Ormarxf.png Marxism
        • Neomarx.png Neo-Marxism
          • Situ.png Situationism
    • Skeptic.png Skepticism
      • Annil.png Moral Skepticism
        • MoralNihil.png Moral Nihilism
    • Skepticism2.png Nominalism

    Anrel.png Beliefs and Philosophy Prgess.png

    Awaj.png Against Authority Sec.png

    Consti.png Booklist

    OmniFast.png Read

    • Atheism.png Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man
    • Antwork.png The Abolition of Work
    • Postciv.png Post-Civ: A Brief Philosophical and Political Introduction to the Concept of Post-Civilization
    • Absurd.png The Myth of Sisyphus
    • Cball-British India.png Politics and the English Language
    • Insarch.png Armed Joy
    • AntiDem.png Debunking Democracy
    • Einstein.png Why Socialism?
    • Ectrans.png A Solarpunk Manifesto
    • Acidcomf.png Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
    • Indlibsoc.png The Soul of A Man Under Socialism
    • Demarchsoc.png Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
    • Mach.png The Prince
    • Gender Accelerationism.png The Gender Accelerationist Manifesto
    • Awaj.png It's Time For "Mad Anarchism"
    • Postsitu.png Imputationism
    • Awaj.png Anarchy 101
    • AnOnto.png Ontological Anarchism in A Nutshell
    • Illeg.png The "Illegalists"
    • Illeg.png The Anarchist As Outlaw
    • Egocom.png Egoist-Communism: What It Is and What It Isn't
    • AntiEconomy.png Against Economics
    • Synthesisanarchy.png On Synthesis
    • Skepticism2.png Why I Am Not A Nominalist
    • EgoQueer.png Sexual Egoism: A Critique Of Labels
    • MoralNihil.png Moral Skepticism
    • Stalin.png Anarchism or Socialism?
    • Ormarxf.png The Principles of Communism
    • Libmarx.png Libertarian Marxism?
    • EgoMarx.png A Critique of Capitalism and Other Established Systems: An Introduction to Stirnerite Marxism
    • Antao.png Anarchism and Taoism

    Accel.png Am Reading

    • Econil.png Desert
    • Ego.png The Unique and It's Property

    Freezeism.png Planning to Read

    • Postmodernicon.png Discipline And Punish
    • Antwork.png The Right To Be Lazy
    • Georgist.png Progress and Poverty
    • Mutualist.png What Is Property
    • Žižekism.png The Sublime Object of Ideology
    • AnSynd.png On Anarchism
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Desert Islands
    • Mach.png The Machiavellians, Defenders of Freedom
    • Ancom.png The Conquest of Bread
    • Freud.png Beyond The Pleasure Principle
    • MoralNihil.png Beyond Morality
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Capitalism And Schizophrenia
    • Philosophy.png Problems With Philosophy
    • Anticiv.png Civilization and Its Consequences
    • Awaj.png Bolo'bolo
    • Post-an.png The Politics of Postanarchism
    • Lacan.png How To Read Lacan
    • GenderNihil.png Gender Nihilism
    • EgoNihil.png Towards The Creative Nothing
    • Postmodernicon.png Simulacra and Simulation
    • Poststruct.png Power
    • Pirat.png Pirate Utopias
    • Egocom.png The "Stirner Wasn't A Capitalist You Fucking Idiot" Cheat Sheet
    • Egomut.png Instead Of A Book, By A Man Too Lazy To Write One
    • Situ.png The Society of the Spectacle
    • HegelianPhilosophy.png Hegel's Dialectics

    Zeroac.png Paused

    PCBArt.png Gallery

    MathTheo.png Notes and References

    Anarcho-Redditism Upvote.png Comments

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