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    Trad.png History

    Influential Figures

    • Ockhamism.png William of Ockham (1287-1347)
    • Mach.png Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527)
    • Ego.png Max Stirner (1806-1856)
    • Camus.png Albert Camus (1913-1960)
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995)
    • PostMarxism.png Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007)
    • Debord.png Guy Debord (1931-1994)
    • Anpostleft.png Bob Black (1951-)
    • Acidcomf.png Mark Fisher (1968-2017)
    • Gender Accelerationism.png Vikky Storm (???-)

    • I just did this because somebody told me that their tabbers intersect with their infoboxes.

    Political Journey

    Ideological Summary

    • Awaj.png Anarchism
      • Anin.png Individualist Anarchism
        • Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism
          • Antwork.png Anti-Work
          • Post-an.png Post-Anarchism
            • Postmodernicon.png Post-Modernism
            • Poststruct.png Post-Structuralism
          • Postfem.png Post-Femininism
            • Gaccf.png Gender Accelerationism
          • Postciv.png Post-Civilizationism
      • Meta-Anarchism.png Meta-Anarchism
      • GE.png Gift Economy
      • Egophil.png Egoism
        • Ego.png Egoistic Anarchism
        • Anti-Humanism.png Anti-Humanism
        • AntiDem.png Anti-Democracy
    • Soc.png Socialism
      • Ormarxf.png Marxism
        • Neomarx.png Neo-Marxism
          • Situ.png Situationism
    • Skeptic.png Skepticism
      • Annil.png Moral Skepticism
        • MoralNihil.png Moral Nihilism
    • Skepticism2.png Nominalism

    Anrel.png Beliefs and Philosophy Prgess.png

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    Col.png The tribe as a whole

    Awaj.png The wandering tribe

    The tribe walks in the ruins of civilization. They can live nomadically, or live in an outpost. They don't have any Caste.png hierarchy, or Unitary.png system of government. They don't need to work, however they Antwork.png play. They play in harvesting the fruits in the trees, fixing the machinery inside their camps, and building their homes.

    Meta-Anarchism.png Meta-anarchism at work

    The tribe is a mix-match of ideas and beliefs, where only the flow of it determines how the tribe works. One may suggest building their homes with the scrapped concrete and metal, while the other may suggest building it with wood and stone, it is up for the tribe to decide for themselves what they should do. This can be replaced with political, economic, ethical and any other "major" decision that the tribe will encounter. There will be no laws and collective agreements, but only the individuals' beliefs in how the tribe shall function.

    GE.png Mutual aid within the tribe

    The tribe does not have an economical system. Rather, the tribe has a gift economy, where based on mutual aid, the needs of the tribe is fulfilled, without the need for an economy. In the economy of the tribe, one might ask for a product, and the giver gives the recipient a gift. The "giving back" of another gift is voluntary, and decided by the recipient itself. The economy is between the people, and not the product itself, and is for collaboration and not competition.

    Mach.png Power causes violence


    Indiv.png What is Post-Alphadonian?

    Nihil.png Nihilism, the belief in nothing

    The most central belief in Post-Alphadonialism is nihilism. Nihilism isn't just suicide and depression. Nihilism is the belief of the rejection of morality, values, and the meaning of life, of other things.

    Absurd.png How to answer the Absurd

    In our existence, we constantly urge ourselves to find meaning in it. This is known as the Absurd. Many people tried to remove this existential dread of the Absurd, but all have just avoided the question entirely than to answer it. There are three options outlined in Albert Camus' essay The Myth of Sisyphus, suicide, philosophical suicide, and truly living with the absurd.

    Suicide, Camus writes is wrong. The Absurd must be lived thru, instead of just giving up. Philosophical suicide is also wrong. Similar to suicide, philosophical suicide gives us an answer to the Absurd, though it is just a phantasm helping to avoid the question. An example is "you need to find love to feel content on life." This places the true meaning of the Absurd as that statement, without answering it completely.

    However, to be free from the phantasms must one live with it. Camus outlines three guidelines to live with the Absurd.

    1. Revolt against our circumstances. By revolting against our circumstances we keep the Absurd alive, thus we find motivation to keep living in the present, and by revolting it gives us a path on what we should do.
    2. Reject hope. By rejecting hope, such as "I will be happy someday", "The world will be peaceful", etc., we fail to realize the true essence of life, and thus appreciate our lives.
    3. And finally to live with passion. Instead of living as good as possible, we should live happily. Living as good as possible is restrictive, and chains us to a moral definition of good.

    An example of one absurd hero is Sisyphus. He revolts against his circumstances by rolling a boulder up a hill, despite the futility of the task he embraces it. He rejects hope because he has no illusions of "a better day" or an after-life. He is the master of his own days, and truly free, even in his eternal condemnation. Thus we can imagine Sisyphus happy.

    File:AntiDeath.png On immortality

    Honk.png Personality

    Sec.png Relations








    • Camus.png Albert Camus -
    • Mach.png Niccolò Machiavelli -
    • Gender Accelerationism.png Vikky Storm -


    • Acidcomf.png Mark Fisher -
    • Ockhamism.png William of Ockham -


    • Anpostleft.png Bob Black - Snitch.



    • Cball-British India.png George Orwell - Kind of a hypocrite by snitching gays.


    Gero.png Quotes

    Consti.png Booklist

    OmniFast.png Read

    • Atheism.png Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man
    • Antwork.png The Abolition of Work
    • Postciv.png Post-Civ: A Brief Philosophical and Political Introduction to the Concept of Post-Civilization
    • Absurd.png The Myth of Sisyphus
    • Cball-British India.png Politics and the English Language
    • Insarch.png Armed Joy
    • AntiDem.png Debunking Democracy
    • Einstein.png Why Socialism?
    • Ectrans.png A Solarpunk Manifesto
    • Acidcomf.png Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
    • Indlibsoc.png The Soul of A Man Under Socialism
    • Demarchsoc.png Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
    • Mach.png The Prince
    • Gender Accelerationism.png The Gender Accelerationist Manifesto
    • Awaj.png It's Time For "Mad Anarchism"
    • Postsitu.png Imputationism
    • Awaj.png Anarchy 101
    • AnOnto.png Ontological Anarchism in A Nutshell
    • Illeg.png The "Illegalists"
    • Illeg.png The Anarchist As Outlaw
    • Egocom.png Egoist-Communism: What It Is and What It Isn't
    • AntiEconomy.png Against Economics
    • Synthesisanarchy.png On Synthesis
    • Skepticism2.png Why I Am Not A Nominalist
    • EgoQueer.png Sexual Egoism: A Critique Of Labels
    • MoralNihil.png Moral Skepticism
    • Stalin.png Anarchism or Socialism?
    • Ormarxf.png The Principles of Communism
    • Libmarx.png Libertarian Marxism?
    • EgoMarx.png A Critique of Capitalism and Other Established Systems: An Introduction to Stirnerite Marxism

    Accel.png Am Reading

    • Situ.png The Society of the Spectacle
    • Ego.png The Unique and It's Property

    Freezeism.png Planning to Read

    • Postmodernicon.png Discipline And Punish
    • Antwork.png The Right To Be Lazy
    • Georgist.png Progress and Poverty
    • Mutualist.png What Is Property
    • Dystoball.png Gulliver's Travels
    • Fash.png It Can't Happen Here
    • Žižekism.png The Sublime Object of Ideology
    • AnSynd.png On Anarchism
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Desert Islands
    • Econil.png Desert
    • Mach.png The Machiavellians, Defenders of Freedom
    • Ancom.png The Conquest of Bread
    • Freud.png Beyond The Pleasure Principle
    • MoralNihil.png Beyond Morality
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Capitalism And Schizophrenia
    • Philosophy.png Problems With Philosophy
    • Anticiv.png Civilization and Its Consequences
    • Awaj.png Bolo'bolo
    • Post-an.png The Politics of Postanarchism
    • Lacan.png How To Read Lacan
    • GenderNihil.png Gender Nihilism
    • EgoNihil.png Towards The Creative Nothing
    • Postmodernicon.png Simulacra and Simulation
    • Poststruct.png Power
    • Pirat.png Pirate Utopias
    • Egocom.png The "Stirner Wasn't A Capitalist You Fucking Idiot" Cheat Sheet
    • Egomut.png Instead Of A Book, By A Man Too Lazy To Write One

    Zeroac.png Paused

    • HegelianPhilosophy.png Hegel's Dialectics

    PCBArt.png Gallery

    MathTheo.png Notes and References

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