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    Positive Reactionary also known as King Culture (and with that also Kingism) is an Culturally Right-wing ideology varied in pretty much all other spectrums but usually in the Authoritarian Right Corner of the compass and usually described as rather "Wholesome" ideologyball.

    Kingism believes that a good (and conservative) society can't exist without good and healthy people, therefore the right-winger should dedicate a good chunk of their time on self-improvement both physical and mental through exercise and reading (the books recommended are the bible and classics in the vein of The Iliad and The Odyssey)

    Kingism was born in the 21st century on online self-improvement communities orientated at males.


    Kingism wants everyone to improve themselves and will generally act positively to anyone who seeks help from him, because of that he is wildly liked within "non-mainstream" right-wing circles. Although he will look down at people he perceives to infatuate themselves with degeneracy.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Draw a book (to symbolize education)
    3. Draw a weightlift (to symbolize exercise)
    4. Draw a Crown (Because you deserve to reach the glory of a King)




    • Distributism, Monarcho-Socialism, National Bolshevism, - Not a big fan of your economic directions as I believe kings just can't truly be equal, but sick propaganda and better morals than your progressive counterparts.
    • Longism - Same as above but I think I'll also actually make people live like kings.
    • Fascism, Pinochetism, Strasserism, Esoteric Fascism, National Capitalism - You guys take everything culturally way too far and emphasize great leaders over the individual kings. Still, good propaganda and better morals than others.
    • Positive Christianity - Positive and reactionary... but kind of in a different way.
    • Incelism - Please touch some grass bro and find Jesus.
    • Men's Liberation - It's cool that you care abut men's rights and self improvement and stuff in a wholesome way, but please stop being an effeminate twink and grow some balls, real kings are not really into femboy stuff you know... and also stop allying with progressives.
    • Manosphere - Caring about traditionalism and men's rights is based, i just wish you didn't feel so entitled all the time.
    • Alt-Right - Just practice what you preach and you're based.


    • Progressivism - You're the reason everyone is messed up with your promotion of degeneracy and anti-male attitude. Equality is a lie.
    • Neoliberalism - You combine the worst aspects of capitalism and social progressivism.
    • Neoconservatism - What have you preserved? You send kings to die in wars for capital and you suck up to international institutions too much.
    • Social Democracy - Degenerate.
    • Pink Capitalism - Degenerate

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