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    Positionism is a left-wing authoritarian ideology whose bases are founded on the National Communist ideology taking from it its Marxist-Leninist socio-economic theory in addition to its moderate Nationalist ideas, however there is something more complexity in this belief. Unlike most of their revolutionary cousins Positionism has something somewhat peculiar, they are openly Imperialist however they can not be compared with the Fascist since they pse their thinking, they know how to respect other cultures and something like a purification is not of their style, however this will not prevent them from trying to subjugate countries (but not the people ... not completely), it is also worth mentioning that they are aligned with the ideas of a Technocracy, they are satisfied that if a leader is incompetent the people are responsible for putting another in charge, has a romanticism for technological progress, coming to be considered from time to time a Scientocratic. As for their international ideas can vary from individual to individual, they can believe in an empire of puppet states or in a unification of the earth, in order to conquer the rest of the galaxy, some of its peculiarities is the relogious outlook of the ideology, because it believes in a separate church from the state, but also thinks that religion should be important in people's life, it is also worth noting their ideas of trade, which according to merit the situation can be Protectionist or Autharchic, Despite their ideas that could come to please this is not a real ideology, is a fictional one of Martin's head, which in some future he plans to implement, but at least he could create a fictional universe with it.





    His personality is somewhat introverted, he does not like to live with his family since he is afraid that they will begin to attack him for his beliefs, however with some of them such as the National Communist and Christian Socialism they can come to live with him, this ideological ball combines a little god with science, After all, as something so perfect could be created without some divine intervention?, even so this does not prevent you from trying to advance more and more taking a progress more than anything technological, it may be a quiet personality but at the time of meeting someone who is of another ideology (and above all contradicts everything he says) progressively anger more and more to the point of making a scandal and Getting violent.



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