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    Posado-Chiroteslaism is the posadist version of Template:NameChirotesla. It is an economically left (but pro-market), cultural centrist, industrialist, and transhumanist ideology. It wishes to liberate people from capitalism. It believes that socialism can be achieved after the collapse of society after a global nuclear war. It believes that science and technological advancement are extremely important because they can help human to rebuild the society after a global nuclear war. It also believes in space colonialism and wishes to help human to escape Earth before a global nuclear war.



    Posado-Chiroteslaism is moderately authoritarian and believes in safety. People should be protected from capitalism. Its government will function like a direct democracy. It will let people do freely as long they aren't harming others and spreading capitalism.


    Posado-Chiroteslaism is economically left (but pro-market). It believes that workers must own the means of production through workers' cooperatives in a socialist market. It believes in strong welfare state, but anyone who refuses to work should not get welfare. It is a supporter of the cooperative, strong welfare state, trade union, guild, economic democracy, balance between free trade and protectionism, and workers' self-management.


    Posado-Chiroteslaism is culturally centrist. It believes that progressions and traditions are important. It advocates advancement of technology, nuclear war accelerationism, racial equality, gender equality, legalization of soft drugs and alcohol, and polyculturalism.

    Foreign Policy

    Posado-Chiroteslaism is interventionist. It believes that people should be liberated from capitalism via nuclear war. It believes in mass-industrialization, building bunkers, advancement of science, and mass-production of nuclear weapons before global nuclear war is being started. It wishes to make alliance with other countries that aren't capitalist to nuke other countries that are capitalist.

    Post-Nuclear War Policy

    After global nuclear war ended, Posado-Chiroteslaism wishes to re-build buildings and make space colonization. It will start re-building programs. It wants to make space station and terraform other planets. It believes that there are habitable planets outside solar system and wants to create spaceships.



    •   Posadism - Basedo! let's nuke all capitalist countries!
    •   Accelerationism - faster!
    •   Socialist Transhumanism - This is best tool to rebuild humanity after global nuclear war.
    •   Technocracy - same as above!


    •  Template:NameChirotesla - My parent! but why do you hate me for being Trotskyist and imperialist? Plus, you also prefer Stalin than Trotsky. That's cringe.
    •   Trotskyism - we both like invanding capitalist countries, but why are you state socialist?


    •   Capitalism - ready to get nuked! go nuke brrrrrrr!
    •   Neoconservatism and  Neoliberalism - you too!



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