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    Populist Social Liberalism

    Hi it's me MasterLoic ! If you wanna help me writting this ideology, contact me on Discord : Loïc#4329
    Thank you for reading this !

    Populist Social Liberalism (PopSocLib), also called National Social Liberalism (NatSocLib) is an unofficial political ideology that places in the Center-Left side of the compass.

    It is Culturally Left, believing in principe like Progressivism, Liberalism and Social Justice.

    This ideology embrace however a Mixed Economy, with both Markets and Economic Planning.

    This society can be mostly based as a National Populist state but also can work as an Internationalist state. It is often a Democratic system but can be any sorts of government as long as it makes sense.

    For example, Totalitarianism and Anarchism are not compatible with this ideology because of the importance of the state and the people.


    Populist Social Liberalism is the union of Social Liberalism and State Capitalism in a more modern way. Historically, France had some sort of this ideology with Gaullism after the war ; India was ruled over by a strict dirigist state but helped his econmy to grow; Singapore developed some sort of State Capitalism and have good human rights in general ; China uses the same policy as a shift to communism, they have a great economy but poor liberties ; Taiwan and Norway are amongst the freer countries while having a great economy.


    Post-war French governments took in hands the economy of the state by the mean of Dirigisme and Voluntaryism causing an economic growth. The main plan was indicative planning as a guideline for optimal investment. Dirigism offer cheap prices for the infrastructure and the transportation system while volontaryism enphatized modernization of the state.


    After the British ruled over India, the state adopted a strong dirigist government that had public markets and a regulation for businesses. The state owned infrastructures, transportations, banks, farms and industries. India had indirect control over every industries except technologies and consomer goods.


    Modern day Singapore have a free-market economy but also have state-owned enterprise like Airlines, Telecoms, Technologies and Medias but also open those sectors for a competitive position.


    We can call China a State capitalist state even if they call themselves Socialists to maintain a large number of jobs and to maximize the state's profit. However they have poor human rights and freedom.


    Taiwan had a strong State capitalist policy during the Kuomitang dictatorship but shifted into the investisment of compagnies in the late 1980s. The country is rated among the most "Free"[1] nation in Asia since the 1990s.


    Norway have one of the best State Capitalism policy, owning lots of publicly listed compagnies while letting markets free by owning no more than 15% of any Norvegian compagnies. Norway also have the best Human Development Index since 15 years.

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