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    Police abolitionism, also known as Police Abolition Movement is a political movement, largely in the United States, that advocates replacing policing with other systems of public safety. Police abolitionists believe that policing, as a system, is inherently flawed and cannot be reformed—a view that rejects the ideology of police reformists.


    While reformists seek to address the ways in which policing occurs, abolitionists seek to transform policing altogether through a process of disbanding, disempowering, and disarming the police. Abolitionists argue that the institution of policing is deeply rooted in a history of white supremacy and settler colonialism, and that it is inseparable from a pre-existing racial capitalist order. Therefore, they say, a reformist reform approach to policing will always fail.

    Police abolition is a process that requires communities to create alternatives to policing. This process involves the deconstruction of the preconceived understandings of policing and resisting co-option by reformists. It also involves engaging in and supporting practices that reduce police power and legitimacy, such as defunding the police.

    Police abolitionism usually advocates the idea about replace police by "people's squads" where basically are squads formed by people themselves who have literally the same functions as the police, seeking to replace them in almost all issues, the main differences are people's squads do not have bureaucracy and neither can be oppressive toward others, people's squads can be regulated by the state itself or by social organizations controlled by people themselves.

    Police abolitionism is also ally of Antiprison.png Prison Abolitionism advocating that both, police and prisons are oppressive institutions that are even worse than the nazi / fascist ones, and both need to be abolished and replace by something more humane and non-totalitarian.


    In the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matter and other activists used the phrase "defund the police." The defunding movement advocates the reduction in police department budgets or the delegation of certain police responsibilities to other organizations. Some activists have proposed the diversion of police funds to social services, such as youth or housing services. The phrase "fuck the police," which according to researchers David Correia and Tyler Wall "emerged as the unofficial motto" during the Rodney King riots, may be understood as a call for police abolition.

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