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    Polfax Thought is the ideology of the user polfax, also known as politicalfactmachine. It's a Libertarian.png Libertarian Right ideology that believes in a Minarchist.png Minarchist Government/Night Watchman State, Cap.png Free Market Capitalism (and with capitalism i refer to the economic system that combines DvCommerce.png free markets and DvPrivate.png private property, NOT Corp.png corporatocracy or Plutocrat.png plutocracy as Soc.png certain people would think), Cball-Spain.png Spanish Nationalism, Progconf.png Cultural Centrism, a Volu.png Voluntary taxation system, Marilegal.pngDrug Legalization, a Confed.png Confederalist form of government and a Directdem.png Direct Democractic Model.

    Confed.png Panarchy.png Government Minarchist.png Directdem.png

    Minarchist.png Night Watchman State Minarchist.png

    I identify myself as a minarchist. I believe the state should be kept in a minimal size, only taking part in important institutions such as the military to keep the country safe... I don't think I have more to add about it.

    Confed.png Confederalist model of governance and Localism Urb.png

    Before some people freak out, confederalism doesn't necessarily mean Cball-CSA.png the american version of confederalism because, if you were wondering, i'm against slavery and racism (i'm a sane person). In case you don't know yet, confederalism is a system where, in short, the states have more power than the federal government. Confederalism is a very usefull tool for decentralization and freedom. I'm also a bit of a Urb.png Localism enjoyer, but if we were to achieve that we would have to go on a gradual process: We would start from Fed.png Normal federalism and gradually decentralize into Confed.png Confederalism and then keep decentralizing until we get Urb.png Localism.

    Panarchy.png Panarchism and Direct Democracy Directdem.png

    Dem.png Democracy means "rule of the people", which means that, in a trully democratic nation, the individuals should be the ones that take the decisions that are usually taken by government officials without even asking the people first, as they know what's best for themselves better than any bureaucrat or government official will ever know. With that being said, it would be reasonable to assume that Dem.png Representative """democracy""" is incompatible with the definition of democracy as the people are limited to choose their despot voting for a candidate and nothing else, so next time you hear some shitass politician getting their mouth full of words about how important """democracy""" is, tell them the definition of democracy and tell them to shut the fuck up, eat shit and die.

    Now moving on, my favourite branch of Directdem.png Direct Democracy is Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy, as it's easier to implement and is already being practiced in countries such as switzerland.

    So, about Panarchy.png Panarchism, I'm a fan of it, I think individuals getting to choose the type of government they want to live under without having the need of moving from their residence is a great idea that we should strive to implement. Unfortunately, it's very difficult and we could only do that after we achieve a well-developed, responsible society... Unless we are in the context of a micronation, in which case it will be way easier.

    Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism Thar.png

    Liberty.png Why do I take this position ? Authority.png

    I believe in individual freedom and libertarianism, and for then, I oppose Authority.png Authoritarianism and I think that power and the state should be heavily reformed, but why do I take this position ? Well, it's very easy. In short, authority is oppressive by nature, and power is nothing but a way to make others fulfill your will (from the perspective of a leader), so if we take this into account, why would anyone want this ? Why would anyone want to keep or even expand the size of the state ? Why would anyone want to give rulers a bigger capacity to oppress them, to step over them in order to fulfill their will, to get whatever they want, to have more glory ? We are born free and we should remain free, we should be responsible and start taking care of ourselves instead of leaving it to the first politician that promises some generic, empty thing such as "more welfare", because we all know that not only they will not do what they promise they will do (and if they do, they will do it in the worst way possible) but they will also try to convince us that they are still good even if they lied into our god damn faces, THEY THINK WE ARE DUMB, and if we keep voting for them, we will only prove them right, their only purpose is to steal as much money as they can and keep power for as long as they can. This is why everyone should be a libertarian.

    Pac.png War only serves the interests of power Strato.png

    I will be VERY fast with this: I don't give a fuck about the history of war, i don't give a shit about the glory of some death-loving old geezers. If we keep giving glory to killers people will keep killing for glory. I still don't get how serial killers are seen as monsters (not saying that they aren't, in fact, they are) but war criminals are deemed as national heroes.

    DvCommerce.png Economics Austrobert.png

    There's almost nothing to add here, but I guess i have to add this as a category, so here we go.

    DvCommerce.png Free Markets DvCommerce.png

    So uuuuhhh i believe in free markets ig.

    Austrobert.png Austrian School Economics Austrobert.png

    Austrian school is wholesome 100.

    Volu.png Voluntary Taxation system Volu.png

    Taxation is theft, but do you know how we make it not-theft ? MAKE IT VOLUNTARY ! So yeah I want a system where people can decide how much money they donate and to what it goes to (the military for example).

    Nation.png Diplomatic Axis Antiimp.png

    Cball-Spain.png Spanish Nationalism Nation.png

    I have pride for my nation. I'm proud of my people and my countrie's history, culture and gastronomy... There's literally nothing else to add.

    Antiimp.png Anti-Interventionism Antiimp.png

    If you have common sense you may have stumbled accross the fact that Necon.png Military interventionism in other countries in favour of """democracy""" is just a cute term for imperialism, so yeah, fuck that.

    Cultcenter.png Cultural/Social issues Progconf.png

    Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for: Am i a Prog.png Dirty hippie or a Conserv.png Bigoted boomer ? The answer is neither because cultural issues and identity politics are completely irrelevant to me !

    So yeah basically i'm culturally centrist, but this doesn't mean I have absolutely no positions in any social issues, I do have opinions in some of them so let's check them out.

    Les.png Gay.png LGBT Bix.png Trans.png

    Listen, I don't want to include stuff about identity politics but I have to talk about this topic because I guess it's very important to some people. I'm Bix.png Bisexual, and naturally I think people should do whatever the fuck they want with their lives as long as they aren't harming anyone in the process, as I don't give a single fuck and neither should you: LIVE AND LET LIVE. Now, some people, as ridiculous as it sounds, seem to not understand this, and think that they have the right to tell others how should they dress, behave, be and what to identify as... Why ? Oh, because it seems people doing harmless shit is "dEgEnErAtE !!!111!11111!1!". NO, LITTLE JIMMY ! You don't even know the meaning of the word "degeneracy", dumbass ! And yes people, I know it sounds incredible but there's people that are as disrespectful and retarded as I have mentioned (some of them even in this wiki), always wanting to act cool and """"masculine"""", but that's just a mask to cover how stupid, insecure and full of complexes they actually are. If you are one of those persons and you are reading this, you don't need to hide behind a mask to cover your insecurities because everyone already knows you are insecure, and also learn what "respecting other people" means.

    GRights.png Gun Rights Liberty.png

    Well, I'm a minarchist, of course I want gun rights. Gun rights are very important, as guns are useful for self-defense, hunting, etc. I think banning firearms to the general public under the excuse of "security" is as dumb as tyrannical. FUCK, EVEN MARX SAID THE WORKER'S SHOULD NEVER BE DISARMED !

    Marilegal.png Drug Legalization Marilegal.png

    The legalization of drugs is important, not only because it's a sign of freedom, but also because it's important to fight narcotraffic. Most people that support the banning of drugs don't realize things such as normal cigarettes being more harmful than blunts, alcohol and cigarettes also being drugs but still being legal, paternalistic statism being a threat to common sense, free will and responsibility, etc. In short, I should be able to decide which poison I want to poison myself with, stop letting the state interfere with everyone's lives for fucks sake.





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