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    Some stupid fanfic. I regret everything.


    Main Characters

    Minor Characters

    Chapter 0[1]

    - What the fuck… Where am I? Did I die?

    - Yo.


    - Calm your marbles. Just got word from god that you did some pretty fun things. So you know the drill.

    - Am I going to burn alive in a pit for billions of years?

    - Nah, I got bored of that ever since I sent Videla down there. You’ll be doing something much worse.

    - And what is that?…



    Chapter 1

    The morning sun rises over Polcompville. It is everybody’s favorite day of the week. The dreaded Monday. For some, the beginning of the week symbolizes a fresh start. After all, last week is now history, a fossil to be displayed in the museum of your life. However, for most, it means that your alarm clock is clawing and screaming at you to move on from the day or two of bliss you had. This includes our protagonist.

    - Ugh… Five more minutes…

    - Stupid alarm clock… I wish Tito would smite it already so I can fucking sleep.

    Darko grabs the nearest object, his mathematics textbook, and proceeds to throw it at the alarm clock. The alarm clock falls to the floor and breaks.

    - Ah shit… Thats the tenth time this month… I guess I should get ready for school now.

    It may not be visible, but a war is being fought. In Darko’s machinations of his mind that are an enigma, his primal instinct of jerking off to femboy porn conflicted with his fear of getting expelled from school. Eventually when Darko prepared and ate breakfast, a peace treaty was signed. It states that Darko will watch porn AFTER the school day, therefore satisfying both parties. With that in mind, Darko grabs his backpack and locks the door, prepared to walk to school when he hears the sounds of heavy footsteps coming towards him.

    ??? - Heeeeeey!!!

    Darko sees a girl rapidly appraching his distance, flailing her arms around like some sort of lunatic that is completely oblivious to the people around her. Its none other than Bacon, Darko’s neighbor and good friend since they were children. She’s the kind of person that everyone else didn’t want to associate with, so Darko befriended her out of pity, and it kind of worked out ever since.

    - *sigh* Why do I even bother.

    - *Catching her breath* …Did I oversleep again?

    - Oh no, the rest of the world is just 45 minutes early.

    - Not my fault they ran out of alarm clocks at Target, I heard some crazy Serbo-Australian guy broke in and destroyed all of them.

    - …

    - I wonder who that could be.

    - Yeah…

    - Anyways we should get going before the cops arrive thinking you’re clinically insane from flailing your arms like that.

    - HEY!

    Darko and Bacon proceeds to cross the street. They make their way through town, merging with the stream of the countless other students heading towards Polcompball High School.

    - So, what are you gonna do after school?

    - The day hasn’t even started and you’re already think about that? Actually, you know what, fair enough. I think I’m just gonna go for the usual?

    - Seriously? The hub? They don’t even have the good stuff.

    - Well, what am I supposed to do? I’m not playing PCBaller World, those bastards deleted my save data.

    - Well since you’re not doing much after school, can you come over to the Poetry Club? I’m the vice president and everything, and theres only like three other people…

    - I dunno… I feel like the Chess Club would be more entertaining.

    - Pleaseeeeee? There will be snacks!

    - Alright fine. See you after school.



    1. Don’t worry, this doesn’t actually have to do anything with the story.
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