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    Pokemoncracy is the government structure based on the video game Pokemon. It's basically "The rule of the pokemon champion".


    In the game

    From what you can see in the video games you can assume that it follows some form of pokemoncracy. The champion in pokemon games usually seems like they're the leader of their nation or at least a really high ranking political figure as well. A Pokemoncracy is a system where a Pokemon champion and other great pokemon trainer have the politcal power.


    A pokemoncracy could be established in real life by making whoever leader who plays the best competitivly.

    Personality and Behavior

    Pokemoncracy is a very childish and carefree ball. He likes to play Pokemon games and gets very competitive at times. He likes to play with Gamerism and Kakistocracy. He's a big as Pokemon fanboy and owns every merch imaginable, from plushies to movies.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a light blue ball
    2. Draw A Pokeball in the middle.
    3. (Optional) Give it a little Pokeball.
    4. Add some eyes and you're done.



    • Furryocracy - Vaporeon gives me a warm and very special feeling when I look at it.
    • Gamerism - He's also a epic gamer!


    • Combatocracy - I only like Pokemon battles sir. Please don't beat me up!
    • Kakistocracy - We both like to play Pokemon but sometimes he just starts eating my Pokemon cards. And you don't know the metagame.
    • Pokemon Cardocracy - I like to collect the cards, but who tf plays with 'em?


    • Gerontocracy - NOOOOOO give me 10 more minutes boomer!
    • Whitneyism - Stop beating me with your miltank!!
    • Police Statism - Stop arresting me for playing Pokemon GO behind the wheel!
    • Satanic Theocracy - No! We're not satanic like the boomers say! And Giraitna is NOT Pokemon Satan.
    • Scott The Wozism - What do you mean you don't like Pokémon?! I'll burn you to death with my Charizard!!!

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