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    , known in German as
    , is the official ideology of the satirical German political party APPD (Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany).

    The APPD recognizes that the theory of "Pogo-Anarchism" has nothing to do with actual Anarchism. Most members of the party, and joke-adherents to the ideology, however do identify as actual anarchists in a real political setting.



    • Right to unemployment with full salary.
    • Youth pension instead of retirement pension.
    • Abolishment of compulsory education.
    • Creation of centers for physical love, so-called Mitfickzentralen (lit. "fuckpooling centers").
    • Abolition of the police.
    • Legalization of all drugs.
    • Abolition of the right to demonstrate with prior announcement.[1]
    • Totale Rückverdummung ("total restupidification").
    • The Balkanization of Germany.
    • Reconstitute the German borders from 1237.[2]

    Concept of Balkanization

    Pogo-Anarchism proposes the Balkanization of the state into 3 zones:

    1. "Asoziale Parasiten-Zonen" (APZ, asocial parasite zone) for pogo-anarchists and other asocials, who prefer not to work and rather drink, use drugs, and have sex.
    2. "Sichere Beschäftigungs-Zonen" (SBZ, safe employment zone) for strait-laced workaholics who will finance the good life of the people in the APZ.[3]
    3. "Gewalt-Erlebnis-Parks" (GEP, violence theme parks) for incurable violent offenders, cops and Nazis with special areas set aside as ethnic theme parks for cultural minorities (such as lederhosen-wearing Bavarians), to avoid too close contact between these pogo races lest the pursuit of what each considers necessary for happiness suffers. These parks will be surrounded by very high walls and are located in former East Germany.

    How to Draw

    Logo of the APPD
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with black (dark gray).
    3. Draw a circle in the centre.
    4. Add a "V" in middle of the circle.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. Done!

    Further Reading

    Notes and Explanations

    1. The right to protest in Germany is distinguished between "registered" and "unregistered" demonstrations, the latter of which can often be declares illegal and subsequently be disbanded. The party proposes, effectively, a end to this distinction between the two models; in the way this policy is written however it implies that only unregistered demonstrations shall be legal, and that whenever someone registers a demonstration, it may not take place.
    2. This is a satire on Irredentists, often of the far-right, who propose the reconstitution of the German borders from before either WW 1 or WW2.
    3. This is a pun/ reference, as "SBZ" refers to the Soviet Occupation Zone (Sowjetische Besatzungszone), the zone occupied by the Soviet Union after WW2, which would later become East Germany. The term was still used after the establishment of the GDR by conservative politicians and media to mean Soviet Occupied Zone (Sowjetisch besetzte Zone), in order to refer to the GDR was a illegitimate puppet state and military outpost of the Soviet Union.


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