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    Podemitism is a political ideology originating from Spain that follows the beliefs of the political party Unidas Podemos (English: "United We Can") and its founder Pablo Iglesias Turrión. It is culturally very progressive and economically left-wing, with populist tendencies. It strongly supports republicanism and feminism, and focuses a lot on attracting young voters, making extensive use of social media.


    Podemitism is Anti-Capitalist, Socialist and Feminist. Podemitism is also republican, but not the US type of republican, but the classic type of republican. It also supports the self-determination of territories.


    Podemitism can be portrayed as a Spanish republic supporter and socialist.



    • Democratic Socialism - Based! LOS INDIGNADOS SE LEVANTARAN!
    • Republicanism - The 2nd Spanish republic was based! Although the 2nd republic was a socialist authoritarian regime, IT IS STILL BASED!
    • Anti-Capitalism - Capitalism is cringe despite the fact that thanks to capitalism I have bought a luxurious chalet in Galapar.
    • Feminism - Women's rights are important! please vote me
    • Marxism - I've taken a lot of inspiration from Marx.


    • Social Democracy - We signed a coalition with them and we are destroying the country together, but there are anythings that i don't like about him.



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