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    Plenderplar's Revenge True Ending

    chapter 3

    plender walks over to Aerin and takes a box cutter and runs it across her thigh, aerin screems. plender says beg me to cut you again "yes daddy, please cut me again i deserve it i shouldn't have disobeyed you" screemed aerin. "how does it feel" plender says, "it hurts really bad, but it makes me exited that my pain gives you pleasure." Aerin said "good girl" says plender, Aerin blushes and says "no im not, please dont say that. i disobeyed you." . " i suppose your right" plender says "what next for your punishment?" "plender please send me to the hell dimension, or beat me 99% to death, i dont deserve your mercy." "ok aerin" plender says and ties Aerin up. he then takes a whip and beats Aerin and she moans "plender". "whats wrong?" asks plender, "nothing just beat me harder" says aerin. "are you sure aerin, i dont want you bleeding out?" asks plender, "its ok daddy, i can take it." Aerin says. Plender strikes her harder this time, she winces and grabs the ropes restraining her arms. this goes on for several hours.

    Eyzka, who lives nextdoor happens to hear some screaming while hes listening to a confederate son- i mean watching a nature documentary. He kicks open the door and says "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?" Plenderpar says "Irrelevant. Fuck Off'

    the current situtation

    "have you learned how to be a good girl aerin?" plender asks as he undoes aerins restraints as she falls on the floor crying " yes daddy" Aerin says. "your so cute, when you are miserable and crying on the ground." plender says "thank you" Aerin sobs. "your welcome, now lets get you cleaned up" plender says. he goes to get some hydrogen peroxide in the other room. Aerin sits on the ground dissasociating from all the pleasure and pain she just felt. "hey" aerin jumps "dont worry it's just me." plender says. he walks over and puts the peroxide on her back and thigh, "i like when it fizzes" says aerin. "haha, ok aerin" says plender while wrapping bandages around her. Plender picks up aerin in his arms and carried her to his room and laid her in his bed to sleep.

    she wakes up at about Three in the morning and plender was awake watching anime on his phone. "hi plender" says Aerin, "oh your up?" asks plender. "plender i have a question." said aerin "what is it?" asks plender. "why did you kidnap me, did you not think i would do that willingly?" aerin asks looking betrayed. "no aerin, i trust you, its just it felt better for me." plender says. "thank you, i dont want you to think i wouldn't want that, i want your boot stomping on my face for the rest of eternity." aerin says and then cuddles up to plenderplar and rests her head on his chest.

    another interperitation

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