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    PlenderCyanism, also known as Cyanoplenderplarism, is a highly authoritarian/totalitarian/Orwellian ideology that advocates for the subjugation of anyone who falls in the negative zones of the Plenderplarist and Cyanist hierarchical systems. Having an ambivalent stance on the environment/wildlife, he does not make efforts to preserve to nor destroy it. He believes that demiheterosexuality/greyheterosexuality is ideal over asexuality and alloheterosexuality/hyperheterosexuality, supporting a middle ground between the two.

    Many Major Issues

    On Hierarchy

    He believes in the rule of Atlantean Aspergers' individuals, or "Atlantocyans". Similar to Cyanism, he believes Cyans (aspergers people) are superior to everyone else. Similar to Third Plenderplarism, he believes in the Atlantean master race being superior to all of the other races.

    He supports making a grand merger of the Cyanist system (based on neurotype) and the Plenderplarist system (based on race/sexual orientation). He believes government positions should be restricted to Atlanteans who score 1 or more points added to their status as a Cyan. More desirable (more physically/spiritually Atlantean and having more Cyan traits) individuals would have higher vote power. Some people would lose it completely, such as LFA individuals and other types of undesirables.

    On Sexuality

    He supports mandated demi/greyheteorsexuality, seeing allo/hyperheterosexuality as being overly degenerate, while seeing asexuals as being undesirable. Homosexual/transgender/bisexual individuals would be seen as undesirables.

    Regarding Atlantis/Sekros/Cosmology

    He supports the hollow earth theory.

    The inhabitants of the distant planet Sekros'i, hundreds of light years away, were warred by the interdimensional shapeshifting demons in the middle-late Pleistocene. They came from an unseen dimension of pure evil. Here lived the Sekros'i--The Guardians of the Galaxy! The Sekros'i were superhumans and weakened the demon forces greatly, but their planet was destroyed. The reincarnated spirits of the Sekros'i warriors came to Earth and started entering the bodies of those who lived on the Earth, but specifically into the bodies of Atlanteans--an advanced and strong civilization. The Sekros'i sprits brought the Aspergers' neurotype with them to Earth and eventually to Atlantis. The original Atlanteans were outcompeted in natural selection by these new Atlanteans, which would live on to fight the interdimensional shape-shifting demons once again. The neurotype of the original Terran and Atlantean inhabitants was inferior to the Cyan/Grey neurotypes, and was more at the level of borderline mental functioning by modern standards. Thus, their neurotype was vastly outcompeted by Aspergers' and even the demons' Grey neurotypes.

    Anywhere from 15000-10000 years ago, the interdimensional shapeshifting demons came back into the scene and tried to destroy this new Atlantean race as quickly as possible. They went to war, which caused the last Ice Age to end and the megafauna of the Ice Age to all die out. After the war, the demons were weakened greatly, so they went undercover to try to destroy the Atlantean race. They made the modern mix of non-Aspergers' neurotypes that exist today widespread (they used to be uncommon and/or non-existent, e.g. neurotypicality, ADHD, etc.). They also introduced liberalism/pop culture into the world as well as homosexuality and undesirable traits. Even though Cyans were a lot more common in Atlantis back in the day, the demon pushback has caused the Grey neurotype to rebound greatly. Since the great pushback is mostly over, Cyans have begun increasing in number. To this day, one in 44 children is a diagnosed Cyan.

    Still, to this day, the Sekros'i are attempting to enter new bodies, albeit not all Atlantean ones. While these spirits enter light-skinned bodies due to them being more closely related to the Atlanteans, they continue to enter non-Atlantean bodies in desperation. These bodies of the Sekros'i spirits are the Cyans of today.

    MBTI classification

    Everyone's IDs will have the individual's MBTI type and subtype on them. MBTI is hailed as the most efficient and accurate way of classification of individuals' personalities, as well as to pass time for Cyans and semi-Cyans who do not currently have a job (they categorize people). This, the Atlantean purity ratios (both physically and spiritually Atlantean), and neurotype with all be used as the main classification schemes of society.

    End Goal

    After 1000 years, humans shall leave the Earth and the Solar System to colonize the stars even more than before. From there, they would conquer all forms of aliens and creatures and subject them to the Regime. At this point, humanity has been highly engineered to have only Cyan and Atlantean genes. The universe will be conquered for the Regime. All undesirables will be exterminated by tossing into a black hole. By this time, the population will be smaller than before, with only desirables remaining. The state will be worshipped and will conquer fictional worlds.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the left half in white. (#ffffff)
    3. Draw the right half in black. (#141414)
    4. Draw a horizontal stripe running through the middle. Make the left side of the stripe red. (#ff1100)
    5. Make the right side of the stripe cyan. (#00ffff)
    6. Draw a lemniscate below the stripe. Make the left side of the lemniscate cyan. (#00ffff)
    7. Draw the right side of the lemniscate red. (#ff1100)
    8. Draw the eyes.


    Atlantean Cyans

    • Ingsocf.png INGSOC - How the world is to be ruled.
    • Hetcr.png Heterocracy - It's good to be attracted to the opposite sex. Sometimes.
    • Acecr.png Asexocracy - People should learn to be chaste.
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - Atlanteans ARE the master race!
    • Aspergerocracy Pixel.png Aspergerocracy - Cyans ARE the master neurological makeup!
    • MBTIism - Your ID shall be encoded with your cyanostatus, your MBTI type, your Atlantean racial purity ratios, your age, your sex at birth, your gender identity, your sexual orientation, and your IQ.

    Non-Atlantean Cyans, Atlantean Greys

    • Cyanismicon.png Cyanism - You're good, just stop saying yellow people are the superior race.
    • 3Plend.png Third Plenderplarism - You do not realize the value of efficiency and chastity. Besides...
    • Cball-UK.png British Unionism and United Russia.png Putinism - I don't know if I really like either of you, but okay...

    Non-Atlantean Greys

    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - Why do you advocate for degeneracy and inefficiency?
    • Gay.png LGBTism (minus A-spec) - You are bestial degenerates and demon puppets!
    • Austrobert.png Austrolibertarianism - Degenerate and inefficient lolbert, embrace Plendernomics and Winternomics.
    • Bixarchy.png Biarchy - EVIL DEGENERATES!!!! ANAPHRODISIACS NOW!!!
    • Lib.png Liberalism - The demons made you to push lust, aesthetics, and Western degeneracy.
    • Prog.png Progressivism - What the hell are these demons doing?!
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