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    Not to be confused with Platon-icon.png Platonism.

    Platoism is the philosophy of the Athenian Classical philosopher Plato. In the context of political philosophy, Platoism is a culturally far-right and economically variable ideology inspired by Plato's classic book The Republic, as well as his other works, and some of those who came after him.




    The Forms

    One of the most important ideas in Platoism was the concept of the Forms. Plato thought that everything we experience was the imitation of another realm, the realm of the forms. So for example, while we with our eye's might so multiple different individual trees, all of different species, these are all different imitations of the form of the tree, which isn't any one particular tree, but rather, a perfect, ideal tree, that has all the qualities that could ever make something identifiable to us as "treeish." This applies not only to physical objects like tree's, but also to things like humans, and even abstract concepts like justice and beauty.

    The Republic

    Plato believed that the ideal city-state would function by means of virtue and moral philosophy. In this utopia, to achieve a thoroughly just society, Plato advocates the rule of philosopher-kings, claiming such a society unimaginable unless philosophers become kings or kings become philosophers. Here, the term “philosopher-king” does not impose rule by a monarch but of a ruler who has completed his education in philosophy and mathematics. The rulers would be selected from the guardian class, who would serve as soldiers and law enforcement in the city, and who would enforce the rules of the philosopher kings onto the ordinary people.





    • Ancyn.png Cynicism - STOP BULLYING MMMEEEE!
    • Dem.png Democracy - A ship of state captained by a crew of bickering fools.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - Aren't you just the last guy?
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Why should we give sick people healthcare if there not going to recover? Just let em work till they drop.


    Further Information



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