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    Planned Parenthoodism is the ideology of Planned Parenthood. It was founded on 16 October, 1916 by Margaret Sanger to do birth control.

    Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (PPFA), or Planned Parenthood, is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care in the United States and globally. It is a tax-exempt corporation under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and a member association of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). PPFA has its roots in Brooklyn, New York, where Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the U.S. in 1916. Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in 1921, which changed its name to Planned Parenthood in 1942.

    Planned Parenthood consists of 159 medical and non-medical affiliates, which operate over 600 health clinics in the U.S. It partners with organizations in 12 countries globally. The organization directly provides a variety of reproductive health services and sexual education, contributes to research in reproductive technology and advocates for the protection and expansion of reproductive rights.

    PPFA is the largest single provider of reproductive health services, including abortion, in the U.S. In their 2014 Annual Report, PPFA reported seeing over 2.5 million patients in over 4 million clinical visits and performing a total of nearly 9.5 million discrete services including 324,000 abortions. Its combined annual revenue is US$1.3 billion, including approximately $530 million in government funding such as Medicaid reimbursements. Throughout its history, PPFA and its member clinics have experienced support, controversy, protests, and violent attacks.

    Courtesy to Wikipedia, under BY-SA.


    She is very outgoing and loves abortion. She is strongly pro-choice and loves to get everyone's business as an abortionist doctor. She abhors Rebelism because she knows that she is his first target.

    How to Draw

    File:Planned Parenthood Logo.png
    Flag of Planned Parenthoodism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the background purple.
    3. Draw the Planned Parenthood logo.
    4. Draw eyes.
    5. Draw a purple bow.

    You're done!



    • Abortionism - Women's rights power!
    • Progressivism - Freedom! Abortion freedom!
    • Pink Capitalism - Everyone! Free reproductive health services!
    • SJW - Women's rights forever!
    • Bidenism - Thank you for winning! You'll save me from the Don!
    • Ego-Communism - Fellow friend and birth control activist (Emma Goldman was a friend of Margaret Sanger)
    • Transism - We also have gender therapist sessions for trans people



    • Systemism - Oh, a ditch who only cares about profit and ending abortion!
    • Black Conservatism- Black people have a right to reproductive healthcare, same as anyone else.
    • Rebelism - Gerontocracy who hates us to the edge!
    • Conservatism - Abortion is a RIGHT!

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