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    Pink Naturism is an Naturist and LGBT ideology that supports the usage of public nudity and naturism among LGBT people, as a way for them to protest, and make themselves known.


    To put it mildly, Pink Naturism is a massive slut, and xhe is proud of it, for Xhe likes nothing more in life than parading around naked in town, showing Xher assets to everyone around xer, and performing sexual acts in public without any shame for xer part.

    Xhe also hates very much all prudish bigots, but rather than argue with them, xhe likes to manifest that anger by shocking them in the most obscene ways possible in front of their faces, and make xerself noticed by everyone.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Pink Naturism
    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Draw a diagonal Mint Green line separating the ball in two.
    3. Fill the Upper half with Mint Green, and the Lower half with Hot Pink.
    4. Draw a Mint Green fig leaf in the lower parts of it's body, as well as two in the chest area depending on the gender.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Mint Green #13ba86 19, 186, 134
    Hot Pink #f533af 245, 51, 175




    • Naturist Feminism - My gay side tells me that women are yucky, but my lesbian side on the other hand...
    • Naturist Masculism - Hey there sweetie, wanna have some action? Oh- Why are you running from me?
    • CNBNBism - You have the opposite tactics compared to me, but non-binary rights are still based.
    • Naturism - Keeps telling me that I "ruined the whole movement" for some reason. Come on, don't you wanna have some fun?



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