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    The Pillager System is the ideology of the pillager groups. They are ruled by the arch illager who leads them; the Pillager system is mostly vindicators, evokers, and pillagers. This also includes the arch illager (the one who carries the banner) and the ravager (the giant animal).


    The pillager is a new mob added in Minecraft version 1.14, they are younger than their evoker and vindicator units, Pillagers usually patrolls the outpost and shoots players within the distance near the outpost, The pillager contains some fresh loots (usually crossbows) and other farming stuff, They also keep all the captured Iron golems into tight, and small cages, They raid villages when you kill their captain (the pillager with a villager banner) you get the bad omen effect and come to a village the pillagers and its allies will start a raid, 3 waves for easy mode, 5 in normal mode, and 7 waves for hard mode, once you defeated the raid, the you will receive the hero of the village award, this can help you trade with villagers with discounts.


    The vindicator is a mob added to Minecraft during version 1.11, They usually live with their evoker counterparts in the woodland mansion, or in the pillager outposts aiding their pillager counterparts, they usually carry an axe (can be enchanted ones), they are really dangerous and agile mobs that can run faster than the rest of the illagers especially when you are unarmoured they can take a lot of your hearts, instantly kill you.


    The evoker is a mob added to Minecraft during version 1.11 alongside with the vindicators, they may not equip weapons but they are still highly dangerous, they summon evoker fangs which takes 6 hearts, and spawns a Vex which is highly dangerous, they are fast, hard to kill, clips through blocks, and mostly can kill you within 2-3 hits.


    Witches were added in Minecraft version 0.14, Witches do not equip weapons, but once you hit them they can drink another potion of healing and hit you with a Splash Potion of Weakness, Splash Potion of Poison, Splash Potion of Harming and Splash Potion of Slowness.


    The ravager is a mob added alongside pillagers in Minecraft version 1.14, they usually spawn in the middle of the raid, they can smash through leaves, and kill a villager with a single hit, they are really dangerous especially when a illager is riding it, you can stun it for a second by using a shield, when stunned they will have a charge boost towards you.


    The illusioner is an unreleased illager of minecraft, they are equipped with bows, they can cast a potion of blindness and can summon clones of itself, you must hit the original copy of the illusioner in order to kill it.



    • Feudalism - Wait... Wait... Would you rather subdue and protect them in exchange for a tithe? Instead of killing and looting them? Why do you tolerate the dirty blood of the peasants?


    How to draw

    Flag of Pillager System
    1. Draw a rectangular prism.
    2. Fill it in with grey.
    3. Draw a cuboid nose in dark grey.
    4. Draw in the square eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Grey #8C8C8C 140, 140, 140
    Dark Grey #646464 100, 100, 100

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