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    Hi Jreg ! -Pidestroyer

    Piism is the ideology of User:Pidestroyer. It believes strongly in limiting both government control and market regulations, and that market Co-ops are beneficial for workers and the economy.


    Piism is very opposed to strong government. Although he subscribes to Laissez-Faire economics, he believes in Market Socialism and thinks of market Co-ops as a good alternative to workers unions and hierarchical ownership of companies, although he thinks they shouldn't be mandatory. Along with this, he is moderately environmentalist, believing global warming, pollution, and other environmental issues affect the populace as a whole very negatively. Piism also believes very strongly in lib unity, where anti statists join together to achieve their goals. Piism highly dislikes conservativism in general, but considers Paleo libertarianism and libertarian conservativism more likely to be achieved, so considers them the next best thing.

    Read Bookchin

    Yeah, I've read Bookchin. That's all, I think more people should read his books.

    Views on Anarchy

    Although Piism believes in a very small state like in Minarchism or Libertarianism, he would be more than happy to live in an anarchist society, and believes that communes and other similar organized communities are a great idea to be able to follow your economic system and political ideology.


    Piism thinks that the market should be unregulated, with the exception of some environmental regulations. He also thinks that although Co-ops and worker ownership are beneficial to economies, that they should not be enforced or mandatory.


    Piism is extremely critical of statism, and embraces many anarchists and anarchist ideals even though he still believes in a very small state. Piism likes to read (and listen) to political theory, even if it's in direct contrast to his beliefs.


    Piism believes that individual states, counties, or even cities should be granted near-autonomy, and should have the ability to make their own legislature, laws, and hold their own offices.


    Piism seeks an agrarian lifestyle and wants to slightly regress technology, although he is by no means a primitivist or neoluddite. Piism also sees transhumanism as inevitable, however, he generally opposes it.


    Piism believes in replacing the current welfare system with a voluntary UBI, preferably a negative income tax system, where below a certain tax bracket, you receive a set amount of money each month.

    How to Draw

    Based off the flag of market socialism

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a hammer from a hammer and sickle on its side
    3. Draw the crossed arrows from the market socialism flag on the end so it looks like pi
    4. Draw a star above the pi
    5. Draw the eyes, and your done

    Relationships (WIP)

    Friends (WIP)

    Frenemies (WIP)

    • Technocracy - Hehe, smart go bbrrrrrrrr. Actually, you're not that bad if you're paired with democracy
    • SajZeal Model- Funni smart man, but better
    • Meridian Paternalism - Honestly, kinda based. Even though I disagree with some of your beliefs, urbism, agrarianism, voluntary welfare, all pretty damn based.
    • Conseilism - ngl, communal fiefs sound kinda cool. And you support libertarianism and urbism
    • File:EPHI.png Ego Post-Humanism - Egoism is alright, but I don't think post-humanism is the way to go

    Enemies (WIP)

    Some stuff to read or whatever (WIP)

    About Market Socialism

    About Laissez-Faire/Deregulation

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