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    Not to be confused with Piism.
    Not to be confused with kaczynskism. Despite these two ideologies share the same alias.

    PiSism is an ideology based on the Polish Law and Justice party.

    It is economically centre to centre-left and culturally right-wing to far-right. It stands for a form of "Illiberal democracy" where elections still take place to choose the government, but the separation of powers and rule of law is not always respected. It is culturally conservative and stands in strong opposition to abortion and euthanasia, as well as LGBT Rights and Feminism believing them to be "disruptive ideologies". It also supports an economic policy with large amounts of taxes to fund extensive welfare programs benefiting mostly the elderly voter blocs. PiSism believes media should be put under governmental control to prevent them from "serving foreign interests"

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it blue
    3. Draw the PiS logo in white with a red stripe on the I
    4. Add eyes



    • Police Statism - This is what our party is doing. He likes me sometimes too.
    • Trumpism - probably one of America's best friends. So we can go to America without visas.
    • Orbanism - Good friend of mine.
    • Neoconservatism - Go and get the Ruski!


    • JPism - could your name speak of insulting me.
    • Korwinism - calls us "communists with a cross" but we both hate the LGBTs and Progs
    • Bidenism - You planned to stop with our help, but it's your turn until 2024.
    • Liquid-Pissism - me at polcompball in a nutshell
    • Mediacracy - You also went on strike, for money demand from you, but TVP is based!
    • Neoluddism - you are too much confused with me.
    • European Federalism - Dude, I know you are still mad at me over my court overruling your resolution, but it is not the time to fight ourselves when the Russian threat is approaching.
    • Macronism - Let’s unite against the Russian threat even though I don’t agree with you much.


    • Putinism - Fuck off Putin and your Fourth Reich, Poland stands with Ukraine and its people! We will accept any potential influx of Ukrainian refugees. Only because they are white Slavs too
    • Lukashenkoism - You defrauded your own people's elections to get re-elected, and it's not by trying to send immigrants to my border that I managed to maintain that you will manage to weaken me.
    • Polish Falangism - You're not even an ideology, and I'm just about to acknowledge you?
    • Anarcha-Feminism - You are on strike because I have banned you from abortion. I hate you.
    • Agrarianism - Why are you against me? I do not understand. I was cheating on you?
    • SJW - I have no problem with leftism, but gays must be destroyed and that's what you are.

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