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    Phrimism is a horrifying ideology, combining the worst, extreme, totalitarian, sadistic, and overall most frightening ideologies from Polcompball Anarchy.


    Phrimism is omni-Orwellian, void compass, dystopian, oppressive, hyper-capitalist, kratocratic, hyper-right, omni-imperialist, anti-individualist, omni-autocratic, and overall horrifying ideology


    The government is run by Phrim, the Omnigod of the Omniverse. He is an omnimalevolent and omnipotent being that killed God and mounted his head on top of his fireplace to intimidate all who opposed him. Phrim hates all, except hot anime girls, which he makes real with his omnipower. Phrim wants to destroy all of reality, and then recreate it in his own twisted image. Not only will he rule the present, but he will also rule the past and future, in all alternate histories, and even in fictional worlds (excluding Phrim’s favorite shows).


    AI in the form of AM patrol the omniverse to torture all dissenters, whom Phrim already knows, but lets AM torture and kill the dissenters. All sentient life (with exceptions) is infinitely tortured and mutilated beyond comprehension. Cameras are placed in every conceivable place in the omniverse and all people are microchipped twenty-seven times. Fun, pleasure, or even not being miserable, is not allowed, and if someone is not miserable, they are tortured, and their family slaughtered like pigs. LGBT+ people are carpet bombed, and people are taught to throw tapeworms at them. Asexuals are the exception, they are normally tortured like the rest of the populace. All women are property of Phrim, and are not tortured, if they submit to Phrim, not be gay, and be beautiful. Ugly women, lesbians, and women who protest are tortured like the rest of the populace. Racism doesn’t matter as all races are bred out. Genocide is considered pointless by Phrim as all races and ethnicities are all equally inferior. Children are not tortured, but instead are enslaved and brainwashed to believe that Phrim is a loving deity. After the age of 18, the torture conmenses.


    No one is allowed to own anything other than identical clothes that causes immense pain, and the official merchandise that Phrim sells of himself, so that he can gain more money, despite having an infinite amount of money. Sharing anything is illegal, and is considered theft. Everyone works in factories 23.5 hours a day, making official merchandise of Phrim, and get paid only 0.1 cents every week. All must work for PhrimCorp, a corporation headed by Phrim himself, and produce materials for torture and death, along with official merchandise. All food is human meat and everyone that gets tortured gets served human meat. Prion diseases are common and all the meat has tapeworms in it and is covered in mold and maggots.


    The official religion of Phrimism is the Church of Phrim. It states that Phrim is the omnicidal savior of reality and will bring pain to everyone that doesn’t worship him, even though worshiping him doesn’t make someone immune to Phrim’s wrath. Disobeying Phrim is blasphemy and is punishable by torture, death, resurrection, more torture, and death again. People who die are sent to a Hell infinitely more tortuous than normal Hell. This Hell is so bad, it makes Satan himself cry. It also rains tapeworms and flaming razor blades here as well


    All non-sentient life is transported to Phrim’s dimension where lush forests, cold tundras and taigas, hot deserts, swampy swamps, and tall grasslands flourish. All animals are placed in their respective biomes, and thrive off the land. It is forbidden for any sentient life to visit this dimension, with these exceptions:

    • Phrim and the hot anime girls can visit.
    • If Phrim is bored, Phrim will abduct someone and place them in a hungry predator’s range to be mauled and killed for his entertainment and the animal’s hunger.

    As for the other dimensions, only parasites and plants (they can survive via Phrim’s omnipowers) exist in these areas. Tapeworms, flaming razor blades, boiling mercury, feces, hydrochloric acid, and molten lead all rain from the sky. The atmosphere is barely breathable, with radon, chlorine, fluorine, and sulfur dioxide being in all atmospheres.


    Phrim Gang

    • 3Plend.png Third Plenderplarism - My praxis and inspiration. Though capitalism isn't that bad though, it brings more torture to my citizens.
    • PCB-Omni-ForceIcon.png Omni-Force - Doubleplusgood and doubleplusbased.
    • Omni-WatchIcon.png Omni-Watch - I KNOW ALL.
    • AM.png AM - The AI guy who tortures all the citizens. I hate humans too, bro!
    • Nullball.png Nullism - Oppressing people and totalitarianism is doubleplusgood. But you should bring back the omniverse, and torture it.
    • CosmoEsoFashFlair.png Cosmological Esoteric Fascism - All aliens must submit or be tortured.
    • Sadist.png Sadism - He may be an anarchic doomer, but he loves torture and pain, so he is ultra-based.
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - I am Satan.
    • Ingcap Icon.png Ingcap - Based economic system.
    • Burgsys.png Burgundian System - Super based and hyper totalitarian. Though I prefer to torture all instead of some.

    On the Watchlist

    • Bolsonarism - alt.png Bolsonarism - Sexist, authoritarian, and hates gays? BASED! But you want to kill the Amazon, so I will still kill you.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Anti-Environmentalist communist, but a very totalitarian and anti-LGBT oppressor.
    • PCB-Nazi.png National Socialism - Totalitarian environmentalist that wasted his time on race.
    • PCB-Ingsoc-icon.png Ingsoc - Totalitarian as hell, but not enough.

    Inferior Scum

    Everyone else, but especially:

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